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Originally Posted by CMT1 View Post

I don't own a pair, but those Telos chukkas look killer.

I picked up another pair of Lewiston, this time in brown, off Ebay for $70. I love my cognac pair and was considering purchasing a Dawson Moc at $300 when these showed up for very short money. Considering that the other Lewiston listings are all around $175-$180, the guy either wanted to get rid of them quickly or did not know what he had.

The first thing I did was rip out the shearling inserts and reattach them with Gorilla Glue. They are now set and aren't budging. I like my cognac pair, but I love the dark brown due to the richness of the color and because the Ugg heel branding is hard to see when worn. I'm really looking forward to wearing them!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, as always. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif


They look great :nodding:

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Quite quiet in here lately!  I've been wearing my natural Chromexcel boat shoes hard all summer after getting them in June and thought I'd post a progress report.  These are my nearly-daily-wear shoes and I am not kind to them--I frequently drag them across rock and concrete, splatter them with beer, and wear them barefoot and in the rain, and they've some scars to show for it.  I've just gone at them with some Renovateur, so they're a bit shinier than I'd ideally prefer but otherwise I'm pretty happy.  A magic eraser is spectacular at cleaning the edges of the soles I've found.  I did have the glove leather insole delaminate on me almost immediately, but Quoddy quickly sent some new ones for me to glue in which seem to be free of that problem.  








I also unearthed my bluchers which I haven't worn all summer as they were looking pretty sorry.  For some reason I only just had the idea to use the Renovateur on them as well, and I think the results are pretty excellent.  


One before and one after:




Both done:



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