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Been wearing my Quoddys a lot this summer.  Natural CXL chukkas w/ rugged sole in brick have been my go-to camping shoe (even in shorts...GASP!) so they've seen mud, sand, dirt, rain, clay, beach, seaweed, and everything in between.  Getting nice and beat up in the woods and coast of Maine, just like they were meant to be.


Enjoying my brown CXL w/ gum sole (Need Supply) maliseets more and more lately.  I generally find brown CXL to be a boring (but often necessary) staple, and these Quoddys were no different.  Now that summer has progressed, they're starting to get a lot more character/patina/pull-up characteristics, and they're just comfy as shit (yay for unlined CXL).


Spent the day in the garage, so here are my Quoddys before I switched to boots.  They could use a brushing.