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i will give props to the customer service so far though. took maybe 2 weeks from order placed to the time they showed up at my door, maine to seattle. they even threw in some free coasters.

Quoddy has made a huge 180* in the customer service department. Used to be slow, unresponsive and they would over-promise and under-deliver. Now it's the exact opposite. Not sure who changed things around or how they did it, but they did an amazing job. I'm getting a pair of chromexcel bluchers from their in-stock sale page for Christmas...can't wait to add a 3rd pair to my closet.
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Read through a lot of this thread, but would love to hear if anyone can comment on the comfort of their heavier tread Vibram soles. I'm not a fan of camp soles and would like to know if their new Vibrams give a softer feel, more suitable to walking longer distances. I have grizzly boots with a crepe sole but I find them too warm to wear in fall or spring. Was thinking about a pair of either Kennebec chukkas or Sipayiks, the new ring boot they make.

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Honestly, the thicker Vibram sole doesn't feel all that different than the camp sole. It probably provides a small bit more cushioning, and more traction...but it's not a huge difference. It's still just a rubber sole stitched onto the upper, so it's very flexible and doesn't have the sense of structure that you get with something that uses a stiffer sole (like Oak Street w/ wedge soles). Still, I love them and it's probably my favorite setup from Quoddy. I got the brown CXL blucher w/ creme Vibram sole for Christmas and have been wearing them about 85% of the time ever since. Great all-season shoe as long as there isn't a ton of snow on the ground.
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Having walked a decent distance on both, I'll say that I'd prefer the Vibram. Spontaneously walking about 10 miles on concrete on the camp sole was not fun.

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Just ordered two pair of custom Quoddy's today! One will be a very unique Grizzly Boot and I will post pics in a few weeks when I get them
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^^Looking forward to seeing photos.

I'm contemplating a shoe myself. whiskey cavalier with either a red or natural Vibram lug sole.
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Thanks for the replies. Makes sense. I know the general moc feel is not the same as a shoe with built in support, and I like mocs. I do walk alot, though, and the grizzly boots with the crepe sole, for me anyway, can't be worn over long distances when it's over 40 degrees, they're just too warm. 


Anyone else find they need to size up by 1/2 with Quoddy's?

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Originally Posted by rpiotr01 View Post

Anyone else find they need to size up by 1/2 with Quoddy's?

Their sizing has definitely changed sometime over the last year and a half. I received a custom pair of buchers in March of 2011 and just got a pair of maliseets in the same size. I haven't measured but the maliseets are at least .25" shorter than my bluchers. Both sizes actually feel fine except I can't wear thick wool socks with the maliseets, which is fine.

FWIW: If I had known about the change in Quoddy sizing, I would have ordered a half size up; though, the old complaint used to be that they ran a half size too big... As far as mocs go, I wear the same size in Quoddy and Yuketen.
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Hmm, I haven't noticed a change in size from them. I'm still a 12 for anything to be worn with socks, 11.5 for barefoot. I got pretty true to size in them.
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Quoddy told me the sizing changed, but couldn't give a reason. I sent in an 11D for repair. They replaced them with an 11E (my request) but it was a full size too small. my 12E now fits like the old size 11 did
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Weird...did not experience that with my recent pair.
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Sounds about right. Mine are a 10.5, which is my usual size, and they fit pretty snug. I can't wear midweight or heavy socks with them, there isn't enough room. 

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does anyone know the Vibram part number, or style of the new soles they have for the Maliseets and such? I'd love to order a few pair of the soles for my cobbler to put on other shoes which need some new life.
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Does anyone know what the Vibram soles they use are actually called, or have the vibram part number for them? I'd love to get a few sets to have my cobbler put on some shoes that need new life.
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Don't have it in front of me, but I believe Quoddy claims that Vibram makes those soles just for them, so not sure you can get them elsewhere. You can probably find something similar from Vibram, however, and you may be able to get something more functional. I could see putting an Aztech/ Airbob sole on some of their boots to soften the walking.

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