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Any pics online of the burgundy colored bluchers? Specifically to show the difference btwn the brown and burgundy leathers
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so why are people choosing camp soles over boat soles?

is there some asthetic reason besides the whole water thing? cuz im sure most of us arent really on boats that often
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get both IMO
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all this talk of burgundy.... do ya'll really mean the cinnamon pebble? Just trying to clear up any confusion, not nitpick
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nope there is a burgundy ... its like a reddish brown. its what a lot of dress shoes are like in color
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these are my burgundy bluchers:
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wow those look amazing ... where did you get and how much? why did you choose bluchers over boat shoes? and why camp sole over boat sole?

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they're from quoddy trails. i special ordered them over the phone. they cost the same as the brown and black, but they may not have the leather to make them. i don't think the white boat sole would have looked good with this style. i plan on getting the blue boat shoes from south willard.
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so you think camp sole looks better with blucher and white boat sole for boat shoes?

was there a reason why you chose blucher over boat shoe from quoddy?
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i couldn't afford getting both at once and the burgundy blucher is much more versatile with my wardrobe?
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so if i wear a 9 in clarks desert boots and a 10 in sperrys and a 10 in vans do i go 9 in quoddy?
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I just got my quoddy boat shoes from O'Connells today. They are REALLY NICE and COMFY!

But I noticed the toe box on the left shoe looks uneven. When compared to the right shoes it's pretty obvious. Is this normal?

Do others have the same issue with their shoes? Is this what comes with being handmade?
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i wouldn't imagine that it's normal if it's very noticeable. it certainly isn't the case with my pair.
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here are some crappy pics... first picture shows it best.

I placed my order over the phone to avoid these types of issues. Really disappointed. Should I call and exchange them?
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Fuck you all, I bought the Navy 11's. Only because with hand-made, small-batch stuff like this, sometimes I wonder if it'll ever appear again.
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