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Banana Republic coupon

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Use LUXE to get 20% off and free shipping off $125+ orders at BR, they have 40% sale right now as well.
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Just checked this out...with the LUXE code, they appear to require a BR credit card , and shipping (and sales tax) are still charged. If there's a way to use MC or Visa, I didn't see it. 'BRSTYLE2' is the code for free shipping over $125; it's valid thru 4/30/05. You can only use one code at a time. I saw a couple things I wanted, but not badly enough to apply for a BR card.
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It worked for me w/o a BR credit card, and it deducted shipping too although it did charge sales tax. If you look at the promotional amount, it's 20% off the subtotal.
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Strange. When I try it, the final checkout screen has a big notice in red: "Please use specified credit card only for this promotion." The 20% discount is there, but so is $9.95 for standard S&H. The drop-down for "credit card type" lists only "Banana Republic". If I go back and use BRSTYLE2, I get the free shipping, and the usual full list of credit cards. Do you already have a BR card, by chance? Because if not, I'm mystified as to why we'd get such different results.
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that 'glitch' has been allowing you to check out without a BR card for years now. They certainly know about it, but I guess don't want to stop it for fear of losing sales...
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