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How to fix scratches on leather shoes?

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Greetings everyone:

My friend recently bought some black dress shoes which were special ordered and got it at a discount. He did not realize that on one of the designs on one of the shoes top, there is a little crack on the leather or more like someone poked the point of sharp fingernails in the leather, it is not visible unless you're 1 feet from the shoe. Is there anyway to fix this since we tried black shoe cream and black shoe polish and it did fill the crack but how do we get it so that the mark doesn't show as a scratch now. Thanks!

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I'm not sure if the scratch I had was as deep as yours, but mine was pretty bad. All I did was apply many coats of shoe polish, I think about 5-10 coats. The way I polish my shoes is I put on a heavy coat, and really brush it in with a horse hair brush in a lateral motion, apply a light coat using a sponge and circular motion, sprinkle on some water, wait 10-15 minutes, buff with either a buff cloth, old socks or pantihoses. That whole processes, even though it has two coats, I consider to be one coating of shoe polish. Although it used up almost a whole can of shoe polish, the crack is completely gone. Again, the crack in my shoe might've been shallower than yours.
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Return the shoes and get an undamaged pair?

If you layer on an entire can of shoe polish, or even just a lot of polish, eventually that thick layer of polish will crack and it will look like crap.
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The scratch is not that deep because it's no more than the thickness of a dime, actually less. The problem is the shoe cream fills the scratch fine but how do you smooth the top layer so that it's level with the surface of the rest of the leather since it seems there is about the thickness of a sheet of tissue paper that is still below the surface no matter what we tried. Can't return the shoes either because my friend likes the shoes, they are Ferragamo Tramezza Rairo's that were special ordered by Nordstrom and it seems that was the last pair available as Nordstrom is no longer selling Tramezza's until the fall collection is out. It's not really visible unless you look at it like within maybe 1 feet away.
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