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I can't stand to look through the clusterfuck that is Nordstrom Rack.
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I was done with Nordstrom a long time ago. It isn't much better than the rack.
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The Nordstrom rack in King of Prussia, PA is pure garbage.
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Originally Posted by shoe View Post
nothing is wrong with nordstrom rack, you just got to sift through the stuff and you will eventually find some gems hidden somewhere at a great price.

You're right. Sometimes, I can get really lucky and find something in between all the other junk. At one point, I remember 7FAM jeans could be found for only $40, and that was the only time they were ever worth the price. I've gotten over them since, though.
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I was thinking today I could make a killing just on this forum selling ironic T-shirts, like ones with an A/X logo with "f***kin' jaegerbombs over here, cheif" A&F with "lets play some halo bro!", and "You're going to regret buying that *ed hardy design* t-shirt, D-bag."
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Never been to Nordstrom rack or outlet but NM Last Call in Orlando was ridiculous. Maybe one Etro shirt was OK, and price was nothing to sneeze at. There were nice women's shoes, I think... not that you folks would care much
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yeah nordstrom has totally gone downhill - they used to be a nice mix of simple understated pieces ala barney's coop style, with a mix of all the douchebaggy True Religion, RR, and Affliction tshirts that sell like hotcakes - but its just a lot of the latter. yeah, its a bunch of worthless tacky embroidery right now
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picked up Rag and Bone shirt for less than $60 at the Rack.
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^lucky. I got a pair of scotch and soda shorts there today at a steep discount. I was looking for a pair of shorts that were actually fitted, and was pretty happy with them. I had to pass up the tables full of R&R and Ed Hardy stuff to get to anything worthwhile.
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earnest sewn kyrres at the rack for $32 a month ago
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nordstrom rack has some nice stuff. the shoes are meh. but some of the pants and button ups can be good finds if you like to dig.
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nordstroms rack isnt bad, i got a pair of versace jeans marked from 260 to 50 dollars
o yea but off 5th is terrible, i went there because i heard there was a extra 50 percent off sale
i went to the one in orange it was like a 30 min drive, and it was absolutely terrible
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one time i found a pair of Ferragamo Tramezza marked down to $69.90......



it was like a size 15EEE though.
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I've always had great luck with shoes at Nordstrom Rack. In LA and DC, a consistently good selection of Allen-Edmonds and To Boot New York is available. It's also not uncommon to come across a pair of Brunomagli or Canali shoes. I wear a size 12 though, so your experience may be different closer to the apex of the bell curve.
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