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Originally Posted by mimo View Post

Hey, it's the argylls and Alden dude...thanks for the tip on the Marciolani and Bresciani socks btw.  I did get a couple of pairs from your recommended site.

Very high standards here from Justin, Stitch, Patek, Namor et al...and now MacArthur-Marciolani-Alden man back too; I'm feeling I might have to add at least one new pair of shoes very soon...

What recommended site?
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Forgot to post this from the other day.
Damn socks looked awesome, but had the elasticity of a 90 year old vagina. In the trash they went.

Don't trash the socks, use garters

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What brand where they so we don't make the same mistake :D

Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Forgot to post this from the other day.
Damn socks looked awesome, but had the elasticity of a 90 year old vagina. In the trash they went.
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Originally Posted by clarksdb View Post

What recommended site?


Mimo's over-the-calf sock guide: all of these places sell proper long socks, all unless otherwise mentioned, sell only socks that are 100% wool or 100% cotton, and all of them deliver internationally.  


That's the site recommended to me by Mr MacArthur, when I enquired about over the calf argyll socks.  It's not Bresciani's site; just a US retailer who stock Bresciani, Marciolani and some other bits and pieces.  Personally I don't really like socks (or anything else) with artificial fibre content.  All Marciolani's are mixed fibres, apart from their more expensive pure cashmere ones.  But the designs are great.  Bresciani have a lot more pure cotton choices, though not so many argyll patterns.


Average around $35.  Marciolani's socks are a good shape and grip close above the calf.  Bresciani I found fit just a touch shorter, especially if like me you have fairly big calves, so I will size up next time.


Run by Kemal, a SF member, it will give an automatic discount if you are logged in to SF at the time you visit.  I'm waiting for a first order from these.  A really nice range of solid colours, in heavier, light and sheer weights.  There are some cool patterns in some of the heavier winter socks too.  Can't give an opinion until I have some, but they're very cheap and the customer service is great.  Average around $10 (yes exactly!).


As well as some expensive English hunting socks that I've not tried, this site (meaning: "my red socks") sell two brands: Gammarelli make wool or cotton fil d'Ecosse in black, red or purple - colours appropriate to priests, cardinals and bishops respectively, as they are suppliers to the Vatican.  They make white ones for the Pope that are only available as a special order!  The other brand is Mazarin, who offer a much wider range of solid colours, in fil d'Ecosse.


Average $15-20 depending where you are.  I've tried the merino wool from Gammarelli, the fit is nice and the feeling of luxury is really something for the money.  I'm not sure how hard-wearing they will be in the end, but for "special" socks, they're a bargain.  I have several pairs of the Mazarin fil d'Ecosse, which are light and wearable and seem well made.  I have to mention that receiving a package from these people certainly feels like a special occasion.  They have some charming extra details in their packaging that will make you smile.


These only offer three colours of OTC socks at the moment: black, anthracite and raspberry.  The raspberry will change to another "trendy" colour in the new year.  Their socks are cotton fil d'Ecosse.  They sell a variety of other undergarments too, but I've not tried.


Order three pairs or more and it works out at $12 a pair.  These socks are absolutely brilliant.  In terms of quality, they are the best fitting, and I would say the most strongly made.  They're heavier than Mazarin's, but being cotton, not thick.  They NEVER fall down!  In terms of practicality, if you just want conservative OTCs for suit wear in black or charcoal, or if (like me) you love that raspberry colour, then I would recommend these as my top pick.  Great quality, and very cheap.  Customer service is also very good: I had some addressing confusion that meant mine were probably sent to the wrong place.  No quibbles at all from them, even though it was probably my fault: replacements sent to me immediately at no charge.



I should also mention as one of the members suggested earlier.  I've not tried them as at the time I was looking for patterned OTCs in natural fibres only, which they don't have.  But they do have some all-natural solids, including a bargain black silk OTC dress sock on offer.  Beyond that. they've plenty of fun patterns in mixed fibres if that's your thing.


The glaring omission here is Pantherella.  I can't find a re-seller anywhere that has the magic combination of all-natural AND over-the-calf.  Each is available in a few places, but both together I just can't find.  As the link shows, their own e-commerce site is still "coming".  If anyone can find me Pantharella OTCs in their lovely pattenrs, in all wool or cotton, I will be very grateful!

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^ This should be on the front page of this thread! I'm also waiting for my Viccel socks I hope they come when i'm home :)

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Second or third wearing of a new pair of EG. Socks are nothing special (BB Cashmere) but this is the first time I have worn cuffed pants in years. Just picked up a couple pairs from BB and had them cuffed. Trying to decide if I like them or not as I have a couple Borrelli suits coming in and I need to figure out if I want them cuffed.


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Great looks on this page


MTM 3 piece HF

Enjoy gents
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patek - that combo as all win, baby.

justin - sharp as usual.

mimo - me too. but sadly, i do not have a bazillion pairs of shooos.............yet. devil.gif

i should have worn my G&Gs today for a trifecta GG post combo. frown.gif
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Those are the Zegnas stitchy?

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very nice combo, gooter.
Originally Posted by Hampton View Post

Those are the Zegnas stitchy?

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thanks stitchy, although after taking the pic it seems that the shoes could use a quick clean/shine

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