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Originally Posted by CrackedCrab View Post

Justin try a school eraser -- those pink pet bar erasers you had in grade school. I use that on suede for minor spots and blemishes and it works better than a brush for me. I've never really had creasing like yours, so not sure how helpful the eraser will be but give it a try.

CC thanks for the advice. My problem is more along the lines of where the creases form. I mean before I wore my shoes they looked brand spanking new with the brushing and as soon as I took this picture which was maybe 20-30 steps from room to kitchen to car it was that badly creased. Ill fitting shoes?
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Gosh I'm not sure justin. i have some ndc suede mocs and they have that light crease discoloration but only on the front of the toe where the shoe touches the ground. It's a little puzzling on your pair, maybe some other regulars here have some ideas....
Doesn't look too bad tho
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great combo, justin.
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Brooks Bros

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Thanks Stitchy! I know I read somewhere a brass brush is better for suede? Has anyone heard of that or use that on a regular basis?
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Chestnut barker black archdales

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Originally Posted by justinkapur View Post

MTM HF soot

So I bought a brush for my suede shoes from CVS as I was waiting for my prescription but I still have the marks across the toebox. help please!

nice combo justin!!


btw the problem is because the hair of suede is pushed down and stay there(had the same issue with my green suede brogues)!! a way to minimize it is to use a nano protector (tarrago-collonil-saphir has one) these products cause of the lotus leaf effect prevents the fiber of suede to stay down in some point!!

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Hard couple of weeks. Had to move and found out my EG's have some weird marks. They were in a box for maybe four days (shoe trees and shoe bags, in the original boxes) but one has a rub mark on it (maybe the knob from the shoe tree in the opposite shoe??) where it looks really bad. And both have like.. weird little raised water marks. But, these are the shoes that have felt best lately.


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Oh don't you come here, Jester, and brag about you being on the beach! :lol:


Just kidding, enjoy my friend. 

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nice combo, B.

enjoy the beach, jester.
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Casual Wednesday:



C&J Langham (my 1st C&Js, bought 1998...)



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I like that combo, B!

Justin, stich, monkey-great as usual.

Well done CC and leelar.

This is one of my favorite forums.
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Thanks estitchy and gyasih!


Justin: Nice combo mate! 


CC: Barker, that brand I think I've seen it in Mexico, how is it? Nice combo too!


kwhunter: I like the combo! What color are the pents? I don't know why, but I associate tassels with money. :lol:

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Thanks B!
I like barker black a lot and their archdale model fits me great
Some think the skull and crossbones is a little silly but you don't really notice it
They're on par with c&j a very solid English shoe
Here's a link: www.barkerblack.com/
Ps like those cuadra tassels i haven't yet got a pair but thinking about it!
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