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What actors/actresses draw you in...

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What actor or actress do you think picks great scripts and has gained your trust.  There are a few actors I trust when it comes to their movies. Tom Cruise - I thought his movies of late would be terrible upon seeing trailors: Magnolia, Vanilla Sky, The Last Samurai, Eyes Wide Shut.  But they have all ended up being very good. Kevin Spacey - What can I say, I have enjoyed all the movies I've seen him it. John Travolta - Get Shorty, Pulp Fiction, Michael, Phenomenon, Basic.  All his movies of late have been great. Brad Pitt - Consistently puts out good movies, aside from Seven Years in Tibet. Ed Norton - Most of his movies aside from the flaming pile of shit called The Italian Job. Edit* Johnny Depp - Consistently interesting movies, though I haven't seen anything too recent from him. Eric
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Chris Farley. Greatest actor ever, imo.
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Eric: I'll disagree with you that all those actors' recent films have been great, or even watchable. But I will at least glance at the trailers for those actors, even if I won't see the movie. Almost everyone deserves a second chance. Bill Murray - Okay, Stripes wasn't very good. He's got a couple of black marks. But he's good in everything. Even in Coffee and Cigarettes, a purposefully weird and arty Jim Jarmusch flick, he was hilarious. His antithesis is Dan Aykroyd, who, despite a similar early resume, hasn't done anything good in years. John Cusack - Again, a few black marks, and I haven't seen Identity yet. But if I see his name, I'm interested. Yet I like Grosse Point Blank a lot... hmmm... Gwyneth - Yeah, I'm a sucker. Sliding Doors was alright, no? Jon Favreau - Let's see, Love + Sex wasn't very good, but the ones he produces turn out well. Mark Wahlberg - This shouldn't be true, but Boogie Nights, Three Kings, Fear (and I liked the Italian Job alright). On the flipside, if I see any of the following names - on a NEW movie - I'm not going unless you buy the ticket: The Rock. Nic Cage. Richard Gere. Brittany Murphy. Breckin Meyer. Eddie Murphy. Steven Seagal. Salma Hayek. Jean Claude. Goldie Hawn. Renee Zellweger. Glenn Close. Jon Leguizamo. Oh, such a long list...
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Gene Hackman -- underrated actor, in the same league as Pacino and DeNiro, in my opinion Russell Crowe -- can you think of any other actor who could play both Maximus and John Nash so convincingly? Samuel L. Jackson -- consistently better than his material Guy Pearce -- great in L.A. Confidential, great in Memento Carrie-Anne Moss -- do you really have to ask?
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I'll see anything with Sam Rockwell in it, most Johnny Depp movies (weird Peter Pan bio pics excluded), Jack Nicholson and Owen Wilson, who can pretty much say anything and I'll think it's funny. shoreman - Bill Murray is generally very funny, and it's true he's been in some stinkers. But Stripes? Hysterical. You call out Stripes but leave Larger Than Life and The Man Who Knew Too Little alone? Shame.
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More than any actor recently, I think Thomas Newman, the film composer has had a rather amazing string put together: The Lost Boys The People Vs. Larry Flynt Oscar and Lucinda Erin Brockovich Shawshank Redemption Scent of a Woman American Beauty White Oleander Road to Perdition Reckless Desperately Seeking Susan The Green Mile (ok, he did Meet Joe Black) koji
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These actors seem to portray the roles as real life, if I attended movies in theatre, these would be my draw. The realism these actors thow into their roles seem to make you believe they are the character. Sean Connery Sir Anthony Hopkins Jack Nicholson Tom Hanks James Earl Jones Gene Hackman Tom Cruise Bruce Willis Russel Crowe Samuel L Jackson Nicolas Cage
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good question, when my kid is old enough so that I can wathc real movies again, I'll think about an answer
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Al Pacino Robert Deniro Marlon Brando Sam Waterson- Hasn't done many movies , but can watch anything he's in James Earl Jones Denzel Washington
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I personally like Pierce Brosnan and George Clooney. They have a sense of style that I appreciate.
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good question, when my kid is old enough so that I can wathc real movies again, I'll think about an answer
I second that emotion. However, when I can go to movies - or pick them up at Blockbuster - my preferences are: Kevin Costner - Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, Tin Cup - heck I even liked Waterworld and The Postman. Will Smith - Men In Black, Ali, Independence Day, Bad Boys, Enemy of the State - haven't seen I, Robot yet though. Will Ferrell - Anchorman, Old School - more classics coming, I'm sure. Bradford
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Gabriel Byrne - Usual Suspects, Miller's Crossing... Sharon Stone - The Muse, guest-starring role on 'The Practice' Alan Arkin - Glengarry Glen Ross, 13 Conversations about 1 Thing... Sidney Poitier - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, To Sir With Love...
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Ahhh... lets see. I'm going to second this post
Gene Hackman -- underrated actor, in the same league as Pacino and DeNiro, in my opinion
Christopher Walken/Willem Dafoe/Lance Henriksen - they have very little discretion, they generally will take any movie or television role offered to them, but even the worst of movies are bettered significantly by their presence. This is the holy trinity for me, my friends. Bill Murray - A god amongst men. I can't believe you didn't like Stripes. Brad Pitt - I started out with very little respect for him. I dismissed him as a "pretty boy". He has proven himself to be a cut above, time and time again. Meet Joe Black was the last time I didn't like a movie he was in, and that was quite a while ago. Gary Oldman - Dare I call him the *most* versatile actor in modern cinema? Lets just say that not many other actors have the range to play Sid Vicious, Dracula, Beethoven, Pontius Pilate, And Lee Harvey Oswald, while being utterly believable (and sometimes unrecognizable.) Harrison Ford - Star Wars, Blade Runner, Indiana Jones. Nuff Said. That should be enough.
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Nick Cage and Sean Penn (can be seen together in "Racing the Moon" from back in the 80s).
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I gotta add another. I recently realized how good an actor this guy is, and what good scripts he picks. Ethan Hawke. Great in Dead Poets Society, Gattaca, Before Sunset/Sunrise, Training Day... So theres another. Eric
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