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Originally Posted by Edward Appleby View Post
I find that wet shaving causes my acne to flare up, which forces me to stick to an electric, poor shave though it may be.

Keep in my though, I'm a teenager, so you may not react similarly at all.

Im a "teenager", and before acutain, had exactly the opposite. I would get horrible bumps on my neck from an electric, but with good cream and a sharp razor, never had anything.
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benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics are very strong products. your doctor didn't say any of that stuff mattered because as long as you keep a good skin regime (wash your face morning and before bed) the other skin hygiene factors don't matter. Do you eat a lot of sugars lately? It is a big cause of breakouts. I say listen to your derm because that stuff he prescribed will wipe ur face clean.
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Eat right. Sleep. Exercise. No stress.

I've been researching this shit for months and I have a lot to contribute.

First of all, cut all sugary stuff, basically go low carb.
Adopt a lot of meat, fish, eggs, poultry, vegetables, moderate amount of fruit.

Forget about vegetable oils, cut out alcohol, possible allergens, any processed food.
Basically eat home made food and stuff that you don't have to right down 100 ingredients to say what you're eating.

For supplements I would recommend zinc, vitamin C, cod liver oil (liquid, capsules are shitty), coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil.

Digestion is very important, so are bowel movements. A little bit of apple cider vinegar before each meals helps you acidify the stomach and destroys all kinds of bacteria.
Try to get at least a bowel movement per day so that said drink lots and lots of water. Digestion slows down after 8 pm. so try to have all your meals during the day.

Exercise is very important - needless to say sweating. And all the other benefits you already know.

Sleeping is also vital. Get 8 hours of sleep and try to do that in complete darkness.

Stress seems also to contribute so anything that helps you - from music to walking in the nature, do it.

Avoid gluten. Vitamin A is essential - excellent source: liver. Vitamin E - extra virgin olive oil.

Here's an extremely good link:

In my opinion, if you even have moderate acne doing just few of these will help you enermously. Cutting out bad carbs, exercising and getting enough sleep will probably change things dramatically.

And please guys, don't go the Accutane route. I've read so, so, so many stories that I will never consider it in a lifetime. Antibiotics are very harmful so if you can avoid those.

I know it all sounds like a 'paradigm shift' but if you spend the amount of time I did on this thing you know practically everything I'm saying is right. There's a lot of controversy going on about everything, but these are pretty much the things that everybody has agreed on.

And I did the topicals/antiobitcs routine and it didn't work. Major changes were after serious reconsideration of lifestyle and diet.
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does anyone know how to get rid of acne scars?
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i'm on anti-biotics, panoxyl 10% bar, and retin-a-micro.

works for me.
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Originally Posted by blackdarkeye View Post
does anyone know how to get rid of acne scars?

If they aren't lessening on their own, the only likely improvement will be with a cosmetic procedure.
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I am currently getting injections for my allergy problems. I've been on the shots for about 2 or 3 years and my acne hasn't gotten much better since then. Is it possible for them to be a cause of my chronic acne problem? I'm only breaking out on my forehead right now.
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Anyone use Mandelic Acid Serum?

I've hopped on this and the Jojoba Oil trend and in a few weeks have seen nose whiteheads evaporate while other markings are fading.
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For a much more comprehensive acne resource, a SF for acne if you will, visit the message boards

I've never been able to get totally clear, I'm a young adult mind you, but there is a ton of great information on there.
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I've been heavily into many different things for the last 6 years. I've tried antibiotics (Erythromycin and doxycycline), proactiv, 7 laser treatments, stuff from the dermatologist, every over the counter thing, various diets, apple cider vinegar, aspirin masks, sleep, eliminating stress, vitamins, oils... I don't think there's much I haven't tried but accutane. I have FINALLY found what works for me... it doesn't work 100% of course, but its to the point where my acne doesnt really bother me too much anymore because its not really a problem.

I wash my face with Clearasil deep action exfoliating gel scrub (its kind of heavy duty and drying, but is a must!) 1-2 times a day, and use Differin. Its pretty expensive from the pharmacy, ($160 a tube without insurance) but you can get it through online pharmacies for about 1/4 the normal price. That's it! The Differin takes a couple months to work but its worth the wait. The key to finding what works is sticking with it 100% until you know it doesnt work, and only testing one thing at a time and keeping everything else in your life constant.

Good luck!
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don´t use too much chemistry and too much soap. I keep my skin clean by using ONLY water to wash my face and use some alunit for desinfection. it works a lot and your grandfather probably used it too ..
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As tacky as it sounds, Proactiv works for me. I'm 26 and had suffered for years and years of acne (moderate) and constant breakouts. I think it was karma for teasing my older cousin about his acne when I was about 10.

I still get the odd breakout and my skin isn't perfect (hard to undo over a decade of skin problems) but it is significantly better and controllable than before I started using it about a year ago.
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go see another derm. im 22 and about a month ago i went to a new derm and she prescribed me a gel topical called epiduo i believe. i think it works better than benzoyl peroxide. i have not had a pimple since i have started using it. and i have used a lot of topicals, including accutane when i was in highschool
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Originally Posted by bob_gnarly View Post
go see another derm. im 22 and about a month ago i went to a new derm and she prescribed me a gel topical called epiduo i believe. i think it works better than benzoyl peroxide. i have not had a pimple since i have started using it. and i have used a lot of topicals, including accutane when i was in highschool

epiduo is a combination of adapalene and benzoyl peroxide.

to Crakaveli:
10% benzoyl peroxide, ur skin must have had a hell of a time getting used to that. It took me a week with my 5%. Its best if you get a creme/gel with 2.5%.
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I find that sometimes when I get too drunk and fall asleep without brushing my teeth/rinsing my mouth I get pimples near my mouth/chin area (generally overnight). Washing your pillowcases often also helps.

Everywhere else cleared up with age. Quitting smoking and getting on a healthier diet helped my skin appearance also.
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