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Hidden Button Downs?

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Are these considered as casual as button down collars? I just came across some and was thinking of picking one up but i wasn't sure how casual they are, i really don't need any more casual shirts. Can they be worn with suits? Or should they only be worn with sport jackets?
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Since your tie covers that portion of your shirt, I don't see why they wouldn't be good to wear with a suit, but whats the point of them if the tie is gonna cover them anyway.   I like to see buttons, I don't really know why, I guess it seems more classic or traditional.  I've seen quite a few SB overcoats these days with hidden buttons, and I can't stand the look, for me buttons are a necessary detail. Buttons are a nice detail on a garment, hidding them just seems like an attempt to be trendy on the part of the designer and the person wearing the garment.  Casual or Formal, I would stay away from hidden buttons. *Well I completely misread the original post. Button down collars are definetly more casual, and can be worn with casual blazers, but I don't see it being a dressy item at all, and like Roy, I would hesitate to wear a tie with them. Eric
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I don't like hidden buttons. Either it should be a normal button down for casual use. Or it should be a shirt with baleines/collar stays.
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I haven't tried hidden button down collar. I am willing to try it, but I am not expecting to like it. I do not see the point. With collar stays any collar ussually stays where it should be. Why do you have to affix it to the shirt with a button? I do like the look of button down collars on shirts, but it is just because I like the buttons and the rolled (casual) look in the collar. If I wanted the collar to look very straight and plain I would just get a regular collar.
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Often I see people wearing a button-down with a tie. For some reason that really bugs me.
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I have several "tab" collars, the collar buttons are hidden, which basically makes them a pain to button, and one of them was ruined when the dry-cleaner pressed the shirt while buttoned. I'd stick w stays. -Tom
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People on this thread are discussing two different things. Half are discussing tab collars. The other half, including the original poster, are discussing button down collars that have a piece of fabric - the top layer of the collar - that covers the buttons that you use to button down the collar, so that they cannot be seen. Tab collars should be considered just as formal as non-tab collars and of course can be worn with ties. Button down collars are not formal and most people believe they should not be worn with a tie. These "hidden" button-downs are, I suppose, slightly less informal than that but not by much. I own one and would not wear it with a tie. It is an interesting detail. I wear it casually.
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I do not see the point.  With collar stays any collar ussually stays where it should be.   Why do you have to affix it to the shirt with a button?
Button down are supposed to be more comfortable cause there is more flexablility in the collar and they are not as rigid.
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Hidden button downs are a pain to button, noticably more trouble than the "regular" button downs. It seems they're more trouble the older the shirt gets or the tighter your collar becomes, too (ahem).
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I don't agree that button down collars should not be worn with a tie. I don't wear them with suits, but will occasionally wear one with a tie and sport coat. Hidden button down collars are IMHO a solution in search of a problem. I've owned a few and really don't like them. They don't roll like a proper button down, yet without collar stays they lack the support to sit flat.
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