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Travel Deals

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I was searching around for travel deals, and I got to thinking: where would I be able to find the better deal? with a travel agent or online (expedia, orbitz, etc)? I have been looking at all inclusive resort packages, and cruises on these websites and have seen some deals, but was wondering if a travel agent would have better deals, or more options.
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I've had really good luck with expedia. If you are a costco member, they also have VERY good rates.
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Where are you going?
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I am looking for all inclusives in the Caribbean, maybe Cancun or Cozumel...
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Hmm... can't really help you there, all of my deal getting experience is with Asia. If you are a student, check out STA Travel and look under "specials" STATravel
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Thanks, tokyo... Wish I could use STA, but I am out of school. Asia is definitely on my life "to-do" list, but this upcoming trip is for partying on the beach. If you have any websites in the meantime with packages or something for Asia trips, feel free to send them along. It's not in the cards anytime soon, but something I defintely want to do.
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Well if you do hire a travel agent, then do your own comparison research to try to find the best price you can. That way you will know if you need a travel agent or not, depending on whether or not you can beat their deals yourself. This last minute travel deals site has tons of coupons for all kinds of places. You can apply multiple coupons to one trip (hotel, flight, etc) and then see if that deal can beat your travel agents. Just an idea.

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