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Wayston is in Hung Hom, a big store-room/office that is filled with bolts and bolts of fabric. Not much in the way of customer service, but just really great fitting shirts, excellent construction and a mind-boggling array of fabrics. They are definitely amongst the best in HK. Last time I was there, they had a number of finished and unfinished jockey silks lying around.....
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I am not 100% sure on this, but I think AC original shop was in TST, pretty close to Chan and Sam and a lot of other Indian and SH tailors. In fact, I believe Hong Kong had its own version of Savile Row at the time. As for their pedigree and skills, many tailors left their trade to pursue more lucrative business back then. Those who stayed may simply be more business savvy or had no option but stuck to their trade. Frankly, making a shirt is not exactly rocket science. If I had to spend, I rather spend it on a good bespoke suit than MTM shirt. The Wayston I mentioned is near an open car park with a flyover close by. Well, my experience may irate some members here---The tailor suggests that I visit him when his wife is around, as he believes woman can give a better suggestions as to what fabrics I should pick out.
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right, so Jantzen have probably forgotten all about my order placed around 2 months ago. So i've decided to get one from Ascot Chang instead.

To those who have used their online services:

(1) are the collars and cuffs unfused?

(2) to those who have used Jantzen as well: how does Chang's "medium" collar stiffness compare to Jantzens "Regular" interlining?

(3) I have a 36" chest. I don't quite understand their "body size" section. Surely this doesn't mean the body measurement of the shirt to be made? I'm a 15 1/4 collar size, and the options given to me are: 36, 38 ,40 and 42.

The Instructions are as follows (which I don't understand):

Size Chart Instructions :

The body sizes on the chart reflect a regular fit which means about 6" allowance around chest.

To get a tighter or looser fit, find your neck size and go up or down the chart in body size.

For example, if your collar size is 15 1/2", you have a choice of 4 body sizes: 38, 40, 42, 44. Let's say your chest measured 41". For a comfortable fit, you could choose 44. For asnug fit, you might choose 38. (In this case, very snug. It's like ordering a suit 2 sizes smaller than normal.)

Kind regards
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I have no personal experience ordering with Ascot Chang, but from reading others' experiences over the years, I can provide some conjecture:

1) collars are fused unless you specifically ask for unfused. the general consensus is that their unfused collars are better.

2) I can't comment.

3) edit: i have no idea what they mean here, I'd call.
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You can also ask for unfused cuffs.

A medium collar stiffness would be a bit softer than Jantzen's normal.
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Ascot Chang is one of Albini's best customers. Thomas mason and D J Anderson fabrics.

They make an excellent shirt.
I would not order a shirt from them online for the same reasons that things go wrong at jantzen. There saleman/fitters are very well trained.

One of my shirtmakers does repairs for AC in NYC.

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From the BH store, you'll get absolutely first class service. I think they do a fantastic job on fit and construction. They are pricey on the better materials, but I don't think it's out of line considering the final product.
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I went to the AC store in Shanghai while I was on vacation there. Now that they have my measurements I can send faxes no problem.

The manager of that store said AC could make a shirt with my own fabric for about $80, so that's what I'm going to do.
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Compared to rtw T&A, Borelli, and Pink, the construction is top notch (although, I must admit, I have never had a problem with the construction of any of the many, many dress shirts I have purchased...)

How is it possible to mention Borrelli and Pink in the same sentence like that? Borrelli is far superior to anything from Pink.
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I had a dozen shirts made by Ascot Change last year; since they had a promotion for 50% off for recent college graduates. All the shirts from Thomas Mason Silverline fabric are nearly perfect. The other less expensive fabrics, wrinkle very easy and do not feel/look as nice to me. The fit of the shirts is really good; but i went back for two fittings. I would have to say the best part about the shirts are the collar, and the way they look without a tie. The only bad things were the prices (some were $400). Looking back I should have has another dozen shirts made.
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They are not the most popular on here, but I use La Rukico for my MTM shirts. I'm very happy with the results, and I think they're less expensive than most NYC MTM (work done in HK). I go with Alumo, but he has either Thomas Mason or Albini, I forget which.
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For the curious, I just got pricing on Shirts from AC.

Alumo 150's -- $2295 HK --$300 USD
Aumo 170 to 200's getting in the 3395 range. --$440

Bottom line its expensive, but well done. Forget the monogram save $15 USD, want nicer buttons add $26 USD.

May tweak the above numbers a bit after I get my next order
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Originally Posted by chorse123 View Post
Based on what I've read here, I think you would be better off trying Carl Goldberg (posting here as Shirtmaven).

It sounds like a much more personalised service, with the end product being every bit as good, though with the fit likely being much better.

And, a point not to be overlooked, Cego will far far exceed Chang for fabric choices.

Went and saw Carl Goldberg at CEGO just yesterday. Pleasant experience, and I am excited to see the end results.

If you want the shirts made in NYC, consider visiting Carl. He's a pillar of the US sartorial community, makes a great product (my other bespoke shirts are from Sean O'Flynn in London and Carl's are just as nice) and is more likely to build a relationship with you over the years than an Ascot Chang.
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Sorry to necro-post but I had a related question: Will AC do special order shirts based on their stock measurements at closer to RTW prices and w/o a minimum order? Hence, if I saw a regular fit shirt I liked but wanted it in slim, would that still count as bespoke from them?
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Originally Posted by TimelesStyle View Post
Sorry to necro-post but I had a related question: Will AC do special order shirts based on their stock measurements at closer to RTW prices and w/o a minimum order? Hence, if I saw a regular fit shirt I liked but wanted it in slim, would that still count as bespoke from them?

Yes, bespoke from them. I asked them that question before and they said they would do slim but it would be bespoke/MTM
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