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Comments on Ascot Chang

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I decided to get some dress shirts made in NYC and thought I would try Chang. I did a search for previous threads but didn't find much. Any comments would be appreciated.
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...I just got measured for some shirts there Saturday.  Very nice people and a great atmosphere in the store....can't speak for the results yet however.
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Based on what I've read here, I think you would be better off trying Carl Goldberg (posting here as Shirtmaven). http://www.cego.com/ It sounds like a much more personalised service, with the end product being every bit as good, though with the fit likely being much better. And, a point not to be overlooked, Cego will far far exceed Chang for fabric choices.
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I've had four or five done at AC. I had my measurements done originally in Hong Kong and have ordered a couple of more from home after they sent me some fabric samples. I'm very satisfied with the quality and fit of the shirts and will definitely continue to order from them.
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I have 2 AC shirts I ordered via their M2M mail service. I had them done over 7 years ago, and they are still fabulous, They blow away my Jantzen shirts in terms of the fit and quality. Very highly recomended.
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Over the past 15 years I've had probably 25 shirts made by Ascot Chang, across three sets of measurements--first measurement in HK, tuned up a few years later in HK, and basically a complete remeasurement a couple of years ago on a US tour stop. They are great shirts, nicer than the WW Chan shirts I have. I don't have any shirts from Jantzen, so I can't compare there. Their customer service is very good in my experience. I can't offer any comparison with Carl's fabric selections, but Ascot Chang has a pretty wide selection of fabrics, particularly when compared to WW Chan. They typically bring along several different books from several different mills when touring, and they have more in the brick and mortar stores, at least in HK. If you decide to try the Ascot Chang shirts, I recommend using the softer interlinings for the cuffs and collars. I find that their stiff interlining is too stiff and is not as durable, especially if you send the shirts out for commercial laundering.
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Ascot Chang is okay, but very expensive. They have a cheaper MTM line in Hong Kong called TC New York, but it's much lower quality and still kinda expensive. They're certainly famous....but I've had a few shirts made by them and they're nothing to write home about.
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How much doe sAscot Chang charge for a shirt in HK, and what is their turnaround time?
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For what it's worth, I heard from you guys that AC has a very slim fit RTW line. So, I bought 4 new shirts from them in New York. They are very slim fit and are great. Quality of construction seems wonderful. Unfortunately they all have a chest pocket, and I would prefer no chest pocket. Nevertheless, I am very happy with their RTW line.
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I have been fortunate to have ordered 12 shirts from Chang, 9 from measurements taken in the NYC store, and 3 when they visited Chicago during one of their two annual trips... Compared to rtw T&A, Borelli, and Pink, the construction is top notch (although, I must admit, I have never had a problem with the construction of any of the many, many dress shirts I have purchased...) In the NYC store the fabric selection is fairly broad (not as much so when they travel). I have never run out of swatches to desire... Fit is fantastic - I have ordered custom shirts from a couple of more pedestrian vendors, and I must admit I am most satisfied with the Changs... One exception, I found a small custom shirtmaker in Florence, Simone Abbarchi, who fits his shirts very close to the body (I understand in a more "Italian" fashion) but have been extremely happy with his creations (only 6)... Summary: I have stopped buying Pinks' because I can get the same fabic from Chang for $10US more... So ya gotta wait a coupla weeks... Big deal.
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I have 2 AC shirts I ordered via their M2M mail service. I had them done over 7 years ago, and they are still fabulous, They blow away my Jantzen shirts in terms of the fit and quality. Very highly recomended.
I've been ordering many for years, and I order them from their original (?) shop in the Princes Building, HK. Never tried the US Shops. I remember the prices being absurdly cheap -- but I don't recall them exactly.
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Horace, absurdedly cheap?? Are we talking about the same Ascot Chang?? Maybe I'm just cheap..... In 1998, the last time I ordered from them, their bespoke shirts cost roughly HKD$1500-$2000 apiece (or more) depending on the type and brand of fabric. Their RTW line, which could be purchased at Seibu dept store at that time (but no longer), cost about HKD$1000 regular price, with up to 50% off possible during sale season. If any of you guys are in Hong Kong, FYI, after my AC experience, my friends and I then moved our custom to Wayston Tailor, another old shop with Shanghai pedigree. IMO, Wayston is better in terms of construction and tailoring pedigree than AC. Wayston is the maker of jockey silks for the riders at the HK Jockey Club, one of the most important and wealthy horse racing institutions in the world. They also have a better selection of shirting cottons than anyone else in HK, including AC. Unfortunately, they're no cheaper than AC at the high-end, so we all moved on to Jantzen.....
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Is Wayston the one located inside an old residential building? I asked a person there b-4, he said he did not have any biz with the Jockey Club. The price for their shirts is quite reasonable(cost of producing the shirt is approximately 1/4 the listed price for the shirt). For Ascot Chang, a shirt made with Thomas Mason frabic is listed for about $180USD
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For what it's worth, prices of Ascot Chang are: Thomas Mason Silverline (Super 120s) ~ HK$1600 DJ Anderson (Super 180s) ~ HK$2300+ Obviously TM Super 150s will cost more. AC is run by his son and a brother (or uncle as he's called) who pick the fabrics from various other weavers. Some are quite bad in my opinion, but proportionate to its pricing (HK$1200+). Linen shirts are always cheaper (HK$1100+). AC is probably the best in Hong Kong (sad, I know). And for local customers, delivery time can be as little as 2 days; otherwise, 7 to 10 days. However, as in most Chinese joints, they are a bit careless with measuring, and it takes many fittings to get just the first shirt right --- and even then, the resulting fit might not be completely satisfactory (it's certainly not bad, but...). They use those thin "English" buttons, and charges HK$80 for 3mm yellowish troca pearl buttons. Monograms are extra (I think, I never asked), and done in-house (in Hung Hom, Kowloon). The original store was definitely not in Prince's Building. It was in a much less glamourous neighbourhood, but I can't remember where. Customer service is fine. They are used to catering to the upperclass Hong Kong locals and expatriates, so they are quite accomodating. But I have stopped going to AC for the same reason Mr. Kabbaz mentioned --- I don't feel comfortable having someone make my shirt from a faxed copy of numbers. As a pianist, I have a horrible slope on my back and uneven shoulders, not to mention the ill-shaped muscles around the upperarms/shoulders, and their shirts just don't fit well.
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