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Going to Beverly Hills on Thursday..

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Staying at the Ramada Inn off Wilshire Blvd. I got a full day of shopping planned. I planned on going to the Turnbull Store..where else is going to have some good shops? I'm taking a cousin who is visiting so i'm pretty sure were going to make our rounds at Rodeo Drive as well.. What else is around there that would be worth visiting?
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What kind of clothes are you looking for? In addition to Rodeo Dr., I'd check out Maxfield, as well as swing by the Robertson/Beverly area.
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oh, and I know you didn't ask, but as far as restaurants in BH I highly recommend Enoteca Drago.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I might check out maxfield. Stores I had in mind are any of the stores that would carry the clothes that the style forum mainly discusses and maybe some nice discount or thrift stores.
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So mostly high-end tailored clothing? Scratch my last suggestions then. How about Carroll & Company, Saks/Barneys/NM, Ascot Chang or in the alternative Anto Shirtmakers (recommended by Kabbaz). Don't forget that Brioni's located on Rodeo.
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Are all those stores in the same area?
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Yup. Saks/Barneys/NM are all right next to each other on Wilshire, can't miss them...I think their sales are at about 40% off now. Ascot Chang is right across the street. Brioni, Zegna, Bulgari are up Rodeo. Carroll & Co. is at 425 N. Canon Drive. These all all within walking distance.
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insiders tip: valet parking in public lots (north of wilshire) in BH is surpisingly very inexpensive, whereas self-parking in NM's lot is very expensive.
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If you want to do BH try: Scott Hill on Robertson Maxfield Bleu (Maxfield's outlet store) Lisa Kline Men both on Robertson (a couple of blocks North I believe, but it could be South) Traffic (Beverly Center) Scott and Co. (Sunset Blvd.) That should make for a pretty full day, but there are more
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