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Originally Posted by LooseChange View Post
WTH. I am a poor mofo.

2 x Gap Morrison Dry = $40
2 x APC = $110
6 x caps = $80
1 x Brooks Brothers = $15

Ahhh, I am poor. How much % of your disposable income do you use? Mine is close to 100%, ugh, my allowance is not enough. I skip lunch sometimes to save that $5, hahahaha.

you rock. seriously.
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This thread just made me realize how much my wallet has suffered after joining styleforum. My damage has been comparable to some of the big ballers...
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I kopped dem Lavinz.
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Actually my experience with SF is that I have saved a bunch of money.(I can't believe I am using my wifes logic here but here goes) I recently sold my business and am now beginning an entirely new career where I needed a business wardrobe. By investing the last few weeks on this site

- I have picked up about 10 suits from members and carefully inspected ebayers for about 1500-2000.(Belvest,St Andrews,2 Zegnas,2 Canalis.HF,BBGF,regular BB). I did pay another 400-500 in tailoring.
-I did spend some on new shoes but not too crazy, 3 pair of AE's 2 at 115 each from Syms bash. Some SF TRamezzas and Grenson bench ebay under 100 for both. more on the way.
-I ordered six shirts bespoke from my local tailor.750 4 from Sf member-85
-I picked up 2 incotex, and 4 zanellas ebay. total-250 total
-About 4 jackets ebay 300
-other -300-500

I am at my 5000 budget way ahead in wardrobe, now if I can only get myself to stop or at least slow down. Thanks for a great site.
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I spent a lot of money in the last year on clothes. The only thing that's directly SF related is recent dry denim purchases. And now since that happened.....

Bye bye more money!
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5 Gs in shoes in 8 months. About 2 Gs in sundry items. When I hit my target weight (probably by Xmas), I'll be buying three or four new suits at the Saks sale in late May. No more retail for me.
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I bought: APC NS - $150 bunch of AA shirts - $30 shoes (AEdmonds, DMs, Sambas) - $300 misc shirts - $100 cafe racer jacket - $75 tailoring expenses - $50 probably some stuff I forgot, but total is still under $1000
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I've spent quite a bit, but much of it will last years and years.
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Well I joined SF just over a year ago? Probably spent 5k on clothes since then.
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I've easily spent right in the range of the more common posters here. What I am reverting from was most nearly garbage. However, my clothing is following along with my general outlook on things as well as I rethink things. The ride has been very fun and rewarding. I'm hoping to stabilize within the upcoming weeks.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
I can't claim to have spent money after Styleforum enlightenment as I've always had an interest in clothing.

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Ive been a member for maybe 3 days, but Ive already spent $200 on SF approved clothes.
Worth every single penny, everyone I know is jealous. Money can't buy that, style can.
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You guys are ballers.

Outerwear = 1255
$350 Geller coat (new)
$325 Cloak jacket (preowned)
$300 RO wool jacket (preowned)
$120 Rokara jacket (preowned)
$150 MJK jacket (new)

Sweaters = 250
$100 various old navy hoodies (new)
$100 BR, gap knits (new)
$50 yokod fleece blazers

Jeans = 420
$40 various colored jeans - good society, heritage (new)
$100 preSF jeans (new)
$40 Uniqlo (new)
$50 APC Rescues (preowned)
$50 Nudie Slim Jims (preowned)
$190 IH (new)

Pants = 200
$100 various Zara, Club Monaco, Incotex, YokoD corduroys (new)
$40 Uniqlo chinos (new)
$30 various shorts (new)
$30 various khakis (new)

Tops = 500
$100 various JCrew shirts (new)
$100 various polos (new)
$100 various MJK shirts / cut&sews (new)
$100 various h&m stuff (new)
$100 various other tops (new)

Shoes = 205
$15 bostonian boat shoes (new)
$40 brown suede dress shoes (preowned)
$50 black dress shoes + suede boots from yoox (new)
$50 various vans (new)
$50 various chucks (new)

Total = 2830+ (assuredly I am not accounting for something) over 3 years
around 1k a year

I try to be fairly frugal. I never buy anything unless it's a good deal. With that said, I think I can still cut back.
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thousands and thousands...
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Originally Posted by OCross View Post
Ive been a member
everyone I know is jealous. Money can't buy that, style can.

So you're bragging to people about the clothes you bought but haven't even worn yet?

Yes, money bought that.
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