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This look always reminds me of Michael Bolton, don't know why as I've never seen him in a tie but still.
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never ever combine a tie with jeans. unless you are perfoming a rock concert in front of >15K people. even then it is difficult. so just let-it-be.

it may be working for a 16-year old adolescent who is growing into the world of how-to-dress (or how-not-to-dress) by try and error, or a fourth-hand used car salesman.
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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post
I'm tempted to just say 'no', but I can imagine how it might be done. You need a casual shirt, like an OCBD, a more casual tie (like one with repp stripes), and dark slim-fitting straight leg jeans. Then, maybe.

I see people pull it off all the time. It's very simple. More casual sportcoat, conservative tie (think ivy league rep stripe, wool, or knit), shirt...if someone reading "styleforum" can't figure this out on their own....
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I used to do this all the time. Jeans + dress shirt + tie looks great with a tweed or herringbone sport jacket for a more informal, academic look. With a blue blazer it can be slightly dressier.

Try it on in front of a mirror and see if you can pull it off.
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To me it is like having whip cream on sh*t. Why even wear jeans? Put a nice pair of pants with the jacket. Why half ass it?
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Not addressing the jeans, for the moment, a tie with a dress shirt, minus the jacket, can never look inherently wrong as men have for generations appeared like this around the workplace or somewhat dressy setting when it is deemed to be unforcomforable to keep the jacket on. As for the tie with jeans, I guess it's become a somewhat acceptible sporty and youthful look for guys for a certain kind of party, bar, club, visiting, etc. Part of the vocabularly is, indeed, narrow and simple tie, and a more sporty sort of long sleeve shirt - e.g. plaid, checks, more prominent stripes, etc. Again - it must be a long sleeve shirt. And obviously the jeans should be in decent condition.
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It can look good if done in a very youthful, Ivy League way with plaids and tweed.
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Of course it can look good. However, in any given outfit of a tie worn with jeans, one would probably look much better if they put on other trousers instead. I don't agree with the excuse that "it doesn't work because jeans are casual", but I rather feel that from the perspective of utility one would usually find appeal in jeans as a garment that allows dressing down and comfort; a break from wearing a tie rather than an opportunity to wear a tie. Still, if one wishes to add a certain formality to jeans I don't feel that there should be anything stopping them beyond their own preference.
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Originally Posted by Thurston View Post
It can look good if done in a very youthful, Ivy League way with plaids and tweed.

That's how I look most every day, weather permitting. Better denim though.

Could it be that there's a whole line of igents fainting as I pass?

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I wear a tie and jeans often, usually with a blazer. I posted some examples a while back, they werent well received!

I'll also do it with a button down, going for that tie-half-tied look.
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I'm not a fan of this look and wouldn't wear it, but I have seen guys pull it off fairly well.
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Originally Posted by Hans View Post
... if you aren't young and fit then you shouldn't be wearing jeans in the first place.
Right. Jeans are only to be worn by the most beautiful among us. The rest should of us should not wear jeans or trousers of any kind.
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I do it sometimes, but with very casual ties (like linen, wool, etc.)
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Originally Posted by tiecollector View Post
Yes, be careful though. Wear a slim tie.

+ 1
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This usually looks too 'try hard'
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