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Short Dallas trip

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On my great caravan trip (well, I guess it's just me and my car this trip) to my new job in Arizona, Dallas is my halfway-stopping point. Having found a killer hotel rate at the Mansion on Turtle Creek, I'm set to spend noon to 3PM the following day there. Pretty excited, especially as the sedan car service can take me anywhere within a 5 mile radius-- is the flagship neiman marcus nearby? Other recommendations? Hope they allow cigars at the mansion, as my Opus X will be in tow.
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Why, Stanley Korshak, of course.
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Second Korshak... Flagship N-M is downtown, North Park has largest square footage but IMO SF store and a couple others (North Brook in Chicago) have better merchandise. Highland Village boasts Robert Talbott and Pockets, another great spec store. Another spec store not to miss is Culwell and Son, which is close to SMU. Traditional, although I believe they carry Oxxford Crest. Want more?
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Definitely Korshak. If the salesman Gary Murray still works there, I recommend him. Hard to say whether the flagship, downtown Neiman's or the Northpark store would be better, if you had to choose one. I would go with the downtown one but that's debatable. While downtown you may want to see the Art Museum and the Kennedy Museum at the Texas School Book Depository. Along with the others mentioned, I used to hear good things about Pockets, but never went there. While you're in Highland Park Village you can always go to the barber shop there, which is not expensive for a haircut, shine, and manicure. That's where the late Stanley Marcus always went. See if you need food recommendations. I'm sure the Mansion would be fun for dining. It's also a great hotel. Enjoy. Culwell & Son, also mentioned already, is across the street from Southern Methodist University. Shopping there gives you a slice of conservative Dallas white male life. Sack and other traditional suits, a barber/manicure/shine place, a formal wear shop, a sport clothing shop, a boys shop, and a cleaners, all under one roof. For lunch there's a German deli/restaurant/sausage shop called Kuby's in the nearby Snider Plaza shopping area.
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Hope they allow cigars at the mansion, as my Opus X will be in tow.
If you got 'em and want to smoke 'em, and the Mansion won't accomodate, you can always dress casual and take the limo over to the nearby Ginger Man pub. It's a beer pub and cigars are very welcome. Try the Saint Arnold beer on tap. It's a Houston beer and is terrific. If they have cask conditioned ale by Saint Arnold on tap you want that, otherwise the Winter Stout or Christmas Ale (or if you prefer lighter beer, the Saint Arnold "Lawnmower" beer). You're not driving, so have fun. Again, it's a casual place.
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how could i forget about Korshak? Definitely on my list, and close to the hotel. restaurants?
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I'd eat at the Mansion, as it's quite a nice restaurant as well as a good hotel. You may want to check out Bob's Chop House as well for a good steak.
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korshak, john spillyards, tell him lance sent you. eat at Tei-Tei Roboto Bar, great sushi place not far from korshak. also korshak is having their first markdown 25off.
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Let me second the recommendation for Tei Tei, and also plug Teppo on Greenville - same owner. I live in L.A. but I've been doing business in Dallas for 12 years, and I've eaten all over town. I would never have expected such good Japanese/Sushi in Dallas, but Teppo and Tei Tei are top notch. You also might check out The Green Room in Deep Ellum.
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What type do you want? Fancy, moderate, cheap? American or Texas cuisine. First of all, check out the Chowhound website. Here's the link to the Texas page. Inexpensive: Sonny Bryan's, but only the location on Inwood (near Parkland Hospital). Get the barbecue sandwich and onion rings. I've gone in there with a suit but am much happier eating when not too dressed up, since you sit in little school desks and slop bbq sauce all over everything. Ali Baba for terrific Arab food. Another good bbq place is Baker's Ribs, or the Railhead but that's further away. Moderate: Ciudad, a Mexico City-style restaurant. Mi Cocina for Texas Mexican. Expensive: The Green Room was already mentioned, the Mansion's restaurant is probably worthwhile especially since you're there already, Lola's has a tasting menu that's supposed to be good, Nana is on top of a big hotel. See Chowhound for comments on these.
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