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Costume National on Ebay

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Hi, This is a shout-out to LA Guy and others - there is a seller called eDealstyle who has a bunch of nice Costume National shoes. Do they seem legit? I wouldn't think that there would be lots of folks knocking off CN, but one never knows... Thanks for your input.
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Well, if they're knocking off CN, they're doing it BIG...775 CN items listed, from dresses to men's trousers to shoes.
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That's (ironically) part of why I am worried. The production run is large enough to make it seem like this company is either a MAJOR liquidator (in which case forum folks probable know them and know that they are legit) or a sweatshop that discovered a new label to counterfeit...
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i have no history dealing with this bidder, but I would say they are most likely a liquidator that just happened to get a huge CN intake recently. If you look at their other items, they are various designers, in odd, one-of-a-kind sizes for the most part. Stuff that would most likely need to be liquidated. I think they probably just got a huge score with CN. Not that I want any bidding competition, but from face value, I would say they are safe. Dan
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Just something I've noticed about the seller's items: both the setup of mannequins and the relatively esoteric selection of brands offered (Costume, Victoria Grantham, Exte, Vintage 55, etc) look exactly like those on Yoox.
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i just won a pair of CN pants from edealstyle so i'm keeping my fingers crossed. -Jeff
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Aybojs, Interesting point.  I had a similar worry about the photos - that was what first made me wonder.  They seemed very professional and I wondered if they weren't grabbed from another site.  Didn't think of Yoox, but that makes perfect sense. Jeff- Pls let us know if you get the trousers.
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I have no reason to believe that the merchandise is fake, and they guarantee authenticity, but I find it a bit troubling that their auctions contain no pics of labels.
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I hate to keep bumping this (more competition. ) but this seller has some really good prices. The stuff is very Yoox-like, and probably a couple of seasons, if not years, out. Ya think it's post-Yoox stuff? Any opinions on these pieces: Not sure I could pull off a coat like this in cotton... or
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I called this seller as I wanted to purchase a pair of Incotex pants and had questions about the measurements. The customer service rep confirmed that they liquidate for YOOX. I purchased the pants and a Barba shirt. Both the pants and shirt were brand new but looked as if they had been tried on, handled and returned to Yoox. The Items were authentic however I would be hesitant about buying shoes as they have a no return policy.
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shoreman, that first coat is beautiful. What size? I think just about anyone can pull that coat off if they are in good physical shape and don't wear it too large. Dan
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Are the costume national clothes "worth" getting at these prices, or are they fashion non-sense? I've never seen, let alone tried on, this particular brand. By the way, are the pants sizing correct? I thought a European 54 corresponded to the US 36 waist. Ebaydeals lists a European 50 as having a US 36 waist. I'm about a 35x33, which means I can wear anything from a loose 34 waist to a tight 36, although right now I'm running closer to the 36.
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A size 50 should be a 34" waist, and a 54 should be a 38" waist. I would think you would need a size 52. Dan
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Just wanted to advise that, from my experience, Costume National trousers seem to run large. I bought a pair of velvet trousers from Yoox last year... they were 48, and I'm generally on the larger side of 32. The pants were definitely too big; wearable with a bit of help from my belt, but they didn't all feel like they were fitting properly. I don't have enough knowledge as to whether so you should buy a size down in their pants, but it's just something to keep in mind.
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