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Laptop, help

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need to purchase a new Laptop. (the one I have is about 4 years old)
Any advice?
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My iBook G4 is 4 years old too. Works perfectly fine for my needs. Do you need one, or just want one? Big difference.
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Buy one for your needs and not for "the deal" or the specs.

What will you be using the laptop for.

I basically surf the web, have fun on SF and some other forums, and use my laptop for picture transmittals (Picasa) and lots of text applications. No heavy duty use like Cad design or video editing.

What did I get? A Dell XPS loaded to the gills. Absolutely everything possible except for the Blue-Ray drive. Do I need a powerhouse like that. Hell no, but I got a great deal, so in essence I bought "the deal".

BTW: The XPS is spectacular but way too much for me.
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Size matters. Or rather weight.

If you are going to be carrying it around with you be sure that you get something light. And remember that external drives and power supplies add more weight

+1 on rnoldh

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Lenovo (or the latest IBM made one) Thinkpad T or Z series. Done!
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I really want something that is Light!
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The Thinkpad X300 weighs just about 3 lbs, and can last for 8 hrs on the larger 6-cell battery. This just might be my next purchase. It is a little steep, though, at around $2500-$3000.
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i'm partial to the aesthetics of the hp laptops with the new 'infinity' screens.

lcd is the most crucial thing with laptops imo. some are just terrible.
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seriously, you should highly consider a macbook. they are fantastic, simple machines. don't listen to the mac hater bandwagon.
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There are a lot of really light HPs out there. I see them in classes all the time. Also Macbooks are pretty good, my friend has one and I use it from time to time when I'm at his house. If you want to do picture or video editing you should get a Macbook.
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go on and see what the have, usually dell has some good deals.
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Originally Posted by sleekblackroadster View Post
lcd is the most crucial thing with laptops imo. some are just terrible.
The display, as well as the keyboard and the trackpad (or trackpoint) are probably the most neglected things when people buy computers, and yet the things that will decide how much they will enjoy using it. And honestly, I'm very partial to the trackpads Apple use on their laptops. /Adrian
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Originally Posted by DarkNWorn View Post
Lenovo (or the latest IBM made one) Thinkpad T or Z series. Done!

Lenovo's are great. Plus, in Canada, you can usually save 10-15% if you pay with your Visa through
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Dell 1720 ... and get them to upgrade you to 7200rpm drives (they are a non standard upgrade but you just badger them over the phone until they do it)
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