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l got tricked to an AMWAY convention. A weird experience. - Page 12

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l've known many so called profitable Emeraldships to severely erode and i've also known Diamondships to fall by the wayside too. Many of these people aren't doing well from the AMWAY business.

Wether or not l was involed is irrelevant. The fact is that l have inside knowledge and have observed AMWAY suckers over a very long period of time. l'm very informed as to what's going on. My high up AMWAY friend keeps me informed.

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Originally Posted by bryce330 View Post
You criticize Amway salesmen for their pathetic lives and yet you have nothing better to do with your own life than spending 70 hours reading an anti-Amway web page?

That is correct. My life stinks.
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You people fucking stupid when you hear about the buisness, Amway. Gosh, I really hate you people, you get enthused about the idea of generating an income and when it comes time about talking abou this you fucking idiots are told morans about wanting to do it!

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Dumb enough to find the "t" key?
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Harry Lean has no life, its funny how you have so much to say about people who live better lives than you. You are definitely in denial of your jealousy. You can keep talking negative and finding excuses to leave your wife at home, but someone is going to take care of your wife in areas you cant aka sexually. Focus on what matters dumass.

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Nice bump
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Originally Posted by JesseJB View Post

We can get more spammers and apologists.

Just use lots of things that they regularly Google to find naysayers on internet forums.




Now we wait.

Social Security is a scam!

College is a scam!

Critical Race Theory is a scam!

#Menswear is a scam!

Rape Culture is a scam!

Fibromyalgia is a scam!
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What exactly is discussed and covered in one of these Amway Conventions?!  Is it that motivational horseshit that I hear is spewed at so-called meetings?  With the same lame jokes, from the same speakers...going on and on about their rich lifestyles...and then them asking the captive audience..."well what type of home would you like to live in" or "what type of car do you see yourself driving"?


Get real.  It seems that these so-called "meetings" are primarily scheduled and intended to get people listening and EMOTIONALLY riled up to the point where they buy this horseshit and sign up as an IBO, right there and then.  By the way--at these meetings--the speakers caution the audience "not to talk to anyone else when they leave the premises".  Why?

If it's such a great opportunity--why wouldn't a prospective "business owner" discuss this so called windfall of an opportunity with others--including their family and close friends?




It's so odd, unethical and very unprofessional, somewhat like a cult from what I have seen and heard lately.  Glad I am on the internet getting feedback from others--who are experiencing a similar feeling.

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