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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post
]No[/i] non-Reverso votes? What about keeping the Big Pilot? It looks like I should start looking into the JLC discounts.

The only one I like is the Rolex and I think it looks great on a strap.
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Really depends on what kind of watch you really want. Those choices are very different.

Anyone who has seen my WAYW posts knows I'm partial to JLC in general and to my Reverso in particular. However, I wear it primarily as a dress watch (I know it is the original sports watch, blah blah blah, but in this age of Pams and such it is a dress watch). I have skinny wrists, so I have the classic duo. Here are some shots from the archive . . . .


Reverse (I hardly ever wear it on this side):

The Royal Oak is a monster sport watch. IMO it looks good on your wrist at the club, driving your Aston Martin on the weekends, sailing your yacht, or engaging in heavy demolition work. If you accidentally blew your arm off, I'm pretty sure the watch would survive. I have never liked the look of that AP, but it is a quality watch.

The rolex is a nice compromise between the two. Although it is clearly a sport watch, its relatively clean look makes it a good choice with a suit as well (again IMO). I wouldn't wear a metal band with a suit personally, but I think that it has become so commonplace I am now in the minority.

My choices, in order, are JLC, Rolex, then AP. In terms of quality, I'd go JLC, AP, then Rolex. In terms of what will hold its value the best, I'd go Rolex, JLC, then AP.
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I love the 70's styling of the AP RO. Definately one of the watches I'd include in a,, three-watch rotation.

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I've had this for about 5 years and have rotated many watches in and out of the 4 watch collection. All three you are considering are the most historically iconic models of their Houses, so you can't go wrong in any direction. The pros of this particular watch: *Worn it swimming and fencing [on my non-foil arm so it's seen some pretty wild motions]. *Much admired at WIS gatherings. Garners nice comments from strangers in the street. *Design is like the other two watches; neither here nor there in the big scheme of things, been around forever; it's not an attraction getter/statement piece a 'la BigP, Breitling Emergency, Panerai or recent Zenith, etc. *Someone described the movement as the 'Colombo V-12' of watch movements; take that as you will. *!You can get matching cuff links! Cons: *Flimsy looking clasp. *Scratches easily. Won't stand polishing at all - too many small crevices and angles; some polished some brushed. *Glitters like a disco ball. *It's just a thin wisp of a thing and looks wide and flat and kind of weird on the wrist; same for the bracelet. *I would say this is a bracelet dress watch with some actual sports watch functionality. -Moose
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Really depends on what you need in terms of bracelet/band, sporty/dressy. That said, of the choices you gave and without any other consideration, Reverso no question.

I love AP, but the RO just makes me sad inside.

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Moose, I must say, it doesn't change my decision for the Reverso, but those photos of your R/O give the watch a few more points in my book. It looks much nicer in real life settings than a jewelry case or online mock-up.
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The Reverso is a nice watch, but to me it serves a different function than a classic Big Pilot. The Royal Oak is a mess, in so many words. I think of the options you didn't present, I'd buy a vintage Explorer I (1016) on a strap.
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Originally Posted by kolecho View Post
Reverso, but not in Grande size. I have a Reverso Duo and find it to be an ideal size for a dress watch.

+1 - good rec. If you like the Grande, maybe think about the Sun/Moon? Looks beautiful imo.

What about the VC Royal Eagle>
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
The Royal Oak has always struck me as an odd success. Its design is rather dated looking, and yet it's relentlessly popular.

Their design philosophy is just to make the case bigger and bigger. If you make a dated design 50 mm, all of a sudden it's modern again!
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For heaven's sake:

1. Keep the BP, then...

2. Buy the Reverso.

- B
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Originally Posted by voxsartoria View Post
For heaven's sake:

1. Keep the BP, then...

2. Buy the Reverso.

- B

That is so not an option!
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I've actually done a 180 on the Royal Oak myself. Used to completely hate it, now have warmed up to the point where I could see it on my wrist sometime in the future. It was way ahead of its time, and in a lot of ways the rest of the watch world has caught up to it, so to speak.

I envy your ability to be in a position to decide amongst those watches.
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The RO is just too ugly to function, and the Rolex?? It's almost like you threw that in to force a decision between the JLC and AP.
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Is the JLC automatic watch? I have the Reverso Duo, it's handwind, which I find annoying. I've own it for 8 years and worn it less than 3 times for that reason.

The AP Royal Oak is very distinctive watch. It's a right size for your wrist. Sure it's overpriced, but what isn't. It's also iconoclastic. I have the day/date/moonphase version in a two tone.
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