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Bad news, Iggles fans

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According to, Terrell Owens is going to need surgery to repair torn ligaments in his ankle and is out until the Super Bowl, if the Eagles make it that far. Of course, the NFC is so lousy (four teams above .500), that the Eagles may very well make the Super Bowl anyways.
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Good, F the eagles. Go Skins. believe it or not, we are still in the playoff hunt. We have to win our final 2, and philly needs to beat the rams.
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Noooooooooooo.. Drizzt, I hope you got good early odds on some bets against the Eagles... Go... Flyers? Nope. Sixers? Nope. Phillies? Yes, go Jon Lieber and the Phillies. EDIT: I was also cheering for DC Baseball, and look what happened there. Note to all sports teams: don't have me as a fan. I was born in 1980, right before the Phillies won the world series. One championship ('83 76ers) since then.
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Oh, I got great odds, I put money on all of the proposition bets for NFC championship game winners... Carolina (got them 4 games ago at 30:1, wish I'd gone a bit earlier and gotten them at 100:1 when they were 1-7) Atlanta (5:1, a few games ago) Packers (after the philly game, 8:1), Vikings (8:1) and I took another bet that the Eagles would NOT make the Super Bowl and got 1.5:1... if Carolina makes the Super Bowl, I would stand to do quite well The best bets I've made though were one for the pats to win the super bowl (after the rams loss in 2001) at 60:1 and one for the pats to win the SB in 2003 after the 31-0 pasting by the Bills and got them at 30:1 there. You can get great odds on the proposition betting, but it's difficult to pick a winner unless you get lucky.
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We're screwed; you saw how dynamic our offence was against the Cowgirls. koji
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This is bad karma punishing Iggles fans for booing Santa Claus and cheering Michael Irvin's neck injury.
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