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Shoe photos

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A few pics of various shoes I have: Lobb Portman's and E Green Berkeley's - compare the finish J Lobb Portman's vs. Vass Bespoke: Waist/Sole width J Lobb Portman's- purchased at Lobb factory store E Green Berkeley in Dark Oak E Green sample shoe in Burnt Pine, with hand-stitched toe seam Perry Ercolino oxford custom made for Nordstrom E Green Fawsley in Black Calf
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Those are some great (and huge) pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.
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I especially like the pair of Berkeleys in dark oak. An aside: Anyone know how the color compares to C&J's 'dark brown burnished calf'? I think I've settled on a pair of dark brown C&J 'Leicester' as my next pair of 'nice' shoes...
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Nice collection. I love dark oak antique...though those Chelseas look more like the Berkeley model according to my catalog. I hope more people follow suit an post pics of their collections.
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MMMM Those E. Greens are fantastic. Going on my "lust list."
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The Edward Green Fawsley looks gorgeous. Okay, actually everything there looks gorgeous. Sluuurrrppp
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those Chelseas look more like the Berkeley model according to my catalog
Right you are. I was looking at the box, which is in fact not the correct box for the shoes. Thanks for catching the mistake. [Original post has been corrected.]
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I like the sample shoe in burnt pine, a three-eyelet variation on the "Dover" (five eyelets). I did save the picture, just in case. Maybe one day, I'll get it made up as a special order. I suppose dark brown suede would look very good.
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I like the sample shoe in burnt pine, a three-eyelet variation on the "Dover" (five eyelets).
These sample shoes are not quite like the Dover, in that the apron is not skin stitched like that of the Dover (I wish it were skin-stitched, as I love the look on the Dover.)  For a point of comparison, the Lobb's have a skin-stitched apron and toe-seam, but IMO the stitching is not nearly as nice as what Green does. A somewhat funny story: when I went to the E Green factory, I was wearing these shoes, which my wife purchased last August at the Burlington Arcade store during the summer sale.  When we met, Tony Gaziano looked at my shoes and said he recognized them.  They were a shoe he had designed and had made up as a sample.  Later, he pointed them out to a co-worker who works with Tony to translate his designs into production models, and who had also worked on this pair.  As Tony said, they are one-of-a-kind, since they only made this one pair.
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Really like the Greens; the black pair have the same swan-neck quarters that the Fawsley has -- very interesting shape that I'd not seen before I got the Fawsley.  Are they on the 606 last?  The toe shape looks familiar.  What is the model name? The Green loafers are also very nice; great lines and finish. No offense, but I don't much like the brown cap-toes.  The stitching of the outsole is very large and therefore, IMO, a bit cheap looking.  Also, the shape of the front of the vamp and toe-box seems somehow a bit flat, and the outside waist also lacks an elegant line.   The brown Norwegian style are decent, though again the outsole stitching looks too large for my taste. To each his own....
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We think alike, I much prefer the Green's as well.
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