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College Clothes Shopping

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Hey guys,

I'm going on a "shopping spree" to pick out a few shirts and shorts for college in early September. I never really was into what I wore as long as it looked decent. Now, I'm more self-conscious about what kind of outfit I'm wearing so I could use some advice. What are some middle of the road name brands that are respected in the world of men's fashion? I'm not made of money and would rather have a minimum of 5 shirt/short combinations of middle name brands than 2 or 3 higher end name brands. Where should I start? Izod, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren? I need suggestions.

Thanks for your time.
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Take a look at J. Crew.
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Thanks, I will look into J. Crew.

Anything else or do I have enough to start?
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You might look at Land's End too.
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If you just want some stuff that look kinda cool i'd go to jcrew or urban outfitters.
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Might want to emerge periodically from underneath your rock as well.
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For a budget, Id look for Louis Vuitton or Raplh Lauren
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abercrombie, hollister, ae, ruehl stuff along the lines of that...affliction and ed hardy eventho they more expensive then the ones i first said
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Originally Posted by Executive View Post
For a budget, Id look for Louis Vuitton or Raplh Lauren

wha-what! LV is pretty pricey!!!!
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If you are attending a large university, I promise hardly anyone is going to care about what you are wearing. Most college students dress kind of sloppy anyway. Jeans, khakis, sneakers, logoless t-shirts and polos, and hooded sweatshirts with your college logo are what most people are probably going to be wearing.

Personally I'd look for decent, inexpensive stuff on sale at places like LandsEnd, LL Bean, Gap, J.Crew, etc. and save my money for an interview suit down the line. You'll need one later.
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Get your basics at places like Old Navy and Target - stuff like tees, polos, khakis, etc. Check the streetwear section to get some ideas for some stylish hoodies and jeans - you'll need to spend more on those, but it will get you noticed by the campus coeds.
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you need a pair of sweatpants and a pair of gym shorts, and then just accumulate free college tshirts and/or really cheap college tshirts from various organizations and events
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What school? This makes a huge difference. For instance, BU and SMU are going to be very different looks.
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