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Off Ebay Transaction

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Gents, I recently purchased a suit as an off Ebay transaction. Paid for the suit on the 14th and it is now the 20th and I have received no e-mail or confirmation from the seller. Am I screwed here and if so, what can I do? I paid via Paypal and I am hoping that the guy is just busy or something but I want to be prepared for a worst case scenario. The suit was under $400 btw if that matters. Happy holidays my a$$.
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That's not particularly unusual. I've had many transactions were the seller never contacted me but the goods still showed up. I get more nervous when the package hasn't arrived and I'm getting close to the 30 day limit. Why not email them and ask what the status of your purchase is ie. has it shipped yet? If they don't reply to your email send a follow-up message indicated that if they don't reply you will have little choice but to file a Buyer Claim within the 30 day limit afforded to you by Paypal.
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Go to PayPal and check the seller's reputation number. If it is above 10-15, I wouldn't worry. Also, remember that many of these sellers are small, one-person operations. Maybe it involved a trip to the Post Office which couldn't be done for a couple of days. Also, this is the Christmas season. No freight service, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS offer any service guarantees for ground shipments from about the 13th of December through New Years. Unless you paid for 2nd Day air shipping or better, your package could not have arrived yet. Finally, you may consider checking your e-mail provider. If it is AOL, earthlink, or MSN, you are welcome to come and look at my "Undelivered Purchase Confirmation" file. Almost 50% of the confirmations I send to AOL subscribers are rejected as spam. Bad, bad AOL.
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You can also request the person's personal information from ebay, which includes their phone number to give them a ring.
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I agree that it isn't even close to the worrying date yet. The seller is reputable, and with Paypal you have his mailing address and (if you absolutely needed it) I could track down the phone number for you (I have ways).
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