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Engineered Garments S/S 09

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Hey Guys,

I thought I would start this thread now because we will be with the EG team on Sunday, selecting our stuff for next year. I will report to you as detailed as I can what is trending for them. As you know, I will not be able to post any pics but as you have already seen, there are some out there already.
If there are any specifics about models or fabrics that you are curious about and would like me to investigate, let em rip now.

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Here are some SS09 pictures that have been released, both officially and unofficially. The lookbook pictures are from Michael W.'s A Continuous Lean site.

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Originally Posted by robin View Post

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^^love the floral pants!
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I'm starting to really anticipate seeing the looks for spring from EG. Probably in the next month and a half. Can someone tag this thread so that when you search SF for EG this shows up?
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Originally Posted by SuperBobo View Post
^^love the floral pants!
me too. i saw the lookbook last summer (unfortunately only saw, not received) and it's full of bold patterns -- paisley, batik, floral. kind of a foppish ivy league vibe. and a completely new norfolk, with more of a real belt. these are the only specifics i can dredge up, but i remember thinking "people will have a hard time saying that eg is only interesting in fall/winter"
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Is Dr. Frasier Crane now a model for EG?
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Originally Posted by robin View Post

Haha, bermuda shorts!
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I think I'm going to pull the trigger on this one:
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Tommy Bahama better watch out!
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The floral print one looks okay, but I hope there's another Hawaiian shirt like last year's.

And when will the website be updated?
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That lightweight chambray looks really nice.
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Im really liking that fishing jacket (?) and the floral pants, especially together.
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^^^Yeah, that's a particularly interesting combo. The pants should match pretty well with my green pathfinder jacket from last year. BTW, IIRC, the green jacket is called the "Field Jacket", same design as the Field Jacket from FW07.

So from the pics in this thread so far, it seems like there will be SS09 versions of the:

- Upland Vest
- Cinch Back Vest
- Field Jacket from FW07
- Norwegian Army Shorts
- Lab Coat
- Mechanics Coat
- Andover

There are some others if you do more digging, but I'll wait until pics are posted.

I'm really curious to see what the red jacket is on the far right in this pic:
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^Is that Madras jacket an Andover or Engineer or what? I like it very much...
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