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Originally Posted by changed View Post
So leave?

Because I don't like slim fit jeans on myself? What?!?
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I own a pair of Diesels that I bought a little over two years ago. It was "Diesel for Jeffrey" if that made any difference. They were raw black and of course, I had no idea that raw denim stretched back then so I got my normal size and I still have to wear a belt to this day, even if I machine wash and dry it. I still like them because the details are still very minimal, including the coin pocket. Instead of the white stripe on the coin pocket, it just has the words "Diesel" embroidered. And $50 at Nordstrom Rack made it totally worth it.
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Originally Posted by changed View Post
a gay friend of mine has never heard of Nudie or APC, but he is prepared to drop $275 on a pair of Diesel jeans

Wow, that's really gay
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I have some diesel skinny cargo/paratrooper pants. They look solid with a nice fit. Look really really similar to the cloak ones from a few seasons ago
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Can you post a picture of the pants chrono?
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Sure thing. When i buy a new camera i'll post some recent purchases and a few fits. If my old sim card works i should have a few on there. The pants are pretty nice. A few zippers here and there but really slim.
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I have a Larkee, though i decided to transform them into shorts, haha. But I bought them when I really didnt know anything about Denim. I think 275USD is way overpriced if its not one from the Denim Gallery Line. Even for Black Gold thats way too much. Honestly, you can get much better stuff for your money than Diesel, they dont last that long, fits are ok but generally overpriced for what they are (From what I have seen especially so in the US). For the price of a normal Diesel jeans you can easily pick up APC or something more upmarket on sale (In fact i bought a Maison Kitsuné made from raw japanese selvedge for 50off, which made it same price as a Diesel). Diesel is not very durable and their designs aren't anything special, so I think there is better stuff. The Black Gold line is just an example of how desperatly they are trying to save the brand from diluting its value. But thats definetly not enough. If you want anything worthwile from Diesel, Maison Martin Margiela would better serve you I'd say haha

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I was wondering when word of this new brand "Diesel" would reach SF in the outer reaches of the interwebs ....
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