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so the consensus is I'm pretty heroic for doing the arm in one go?

pretty sure that's the conclusion.
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Four and a half hours was about my limit for my arm, but that was also my first ever tattoo.
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Tattoo prejudice worse for women

Protect women
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Thought about it a long time and recently got a couple. I don't have good healed pics (camera is fresh) so here's the tattoo artists':




Boxer on inner upper arm


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Good to see this thread bumped. I don't have a date set yet, but I've noodled with my artist to have my arm finished off from about 1/4 down from elbow to the wrist, full wrap. We're testing out ideas to make sure it doesn't crowd the work on the upper arm, and if it turns out that it does, we'll switch arms.

Also have tentative idea for my other ribs, because I didn't learn the first time around.
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I don't have one, but I am thinking about getting one! I'm planning to make on my body smth like these

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Need to get that one on my left delt I've been wanting. Wine bottle in the background, Tele in the foreground.
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iPhone or Android for the tele?
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Finishing up my sleeve with some shading tomo, and managed to get an appointment with Kelly Violet in June. Ridiculously hyped.
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Still sore 24 hours later 😬

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b-day gift from my sister in law. It'll be used.

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