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Facial Moisturizers

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Looking for a recommendation for a good facial moisturizer for normal skin. Thinking of using Kiehls, but looking for some advice. Thank you.
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I personally think the Gillette Complete Skincare Facial Moisturizer works just as well as the more expensive brands that I've tried, Kiehls, Zirh, Anthony Logistics, etc... Bradford
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I use the moisturizer from Sharps, and I love it. Expensive, but worth it. Regardless of what you use, make sure it's alcohol free. Be sure to check the ingredients of typical drugstore stuff, like Gillette, etc, because they often contain alcohol. And if they do, they tend to overcompensate with overly oily ingredients.
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I use Khiel's facial moisturizer with SPF 15. Works well year round. Worth the money and lasts a while.
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I'm minimalist in almost everything, and that includes facial care. I use After Shave balm to mosterize not only the shaved area, but the whole face. Works like a charm, avoiding the need to keep many bottles around. I managed to buy many bottles on sale and have been using them since. It saves a lot of money too.
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I just use some relatively cheap L'Oreal products-around $10 for 4oz. Two separate bottles and formulas, one for day time, one before sleep/right after shower. SPF15 is a must, but I doubt you need this at night.
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I have used Kiehl's Face Cream for some time now, having previously used Clinique (too greasy, too slow to absorb, too expensive). The Kiehl's is fairly heavy, but it absorbs quickly and feels light. I use it as both an aftershave, in the morning, and a moisturizer at night. Recently I tried a sample of the Kiehl's Facial Fuel, which seems to be some sort of moisturizer on steroids. Aside from the inflated price and the pea green color of the cream, I noticed little difference from the "regular" moisturizer.
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Speaking of Kiehl which many of you has mentioned......As fourm members, any stylistist opinion on their sales who wear "labcoat" uniform? It is not like they are pharmacists, docs, lab technicians or researchers.
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Does your skin tend to get very dry? I use Kiehls Ultra moisturizer, but I find it's insufficient during the dry winter months. Otherwise, I think it's a great product, especially for the price. Of the more expensive brands, I really like Molton Brown's moisturizer, and disliked Lab Series.
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I use Aveeno -- both their moisturizer and their shave cream. Great stuff. And, can be purchased at CVS.
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My favorite (and I've tried way too many) is the Baxter's of California with SPF.
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i sedcond the baxters as well but kiehls is a good option with their lypocene moisturizer and/or abyssine moisturizer korres has a nice borrage anti shine moisturizer with spf6 anthony logistics spf15 facial moisturizer is also a good option
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i use cetaphil, its cheap, odorless and works just as well as those expensive brands.
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I ended up buying the kiehl's. So far, I am happy with it. I had been using Carita, but it is very expensive.
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I use a moisturizer by DDF that can be bought at Sephora.
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