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OJSIMPSON could you recommend to us some of your preferred leather jacket brands?



@SuperflyBanana if you read their blog it says she was wearing the jacket before it came out, so it was most likely a promotional giveaway or paid advertisement. Nothing wrong with that though. You can call me childish but I was just being real with you. 

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Originally Posted by 0JSIMPS0N View Post

The made to measure is why its so overpriced. When you give so much power to the customer they fuck it up 90% of the time. 

90% TOJ's look like shit. The other 10% look mediocre.

I will say this, Drew is a marketing genius, he has drones like you advertising his ugly clothes pissing out the TOJ kool aid while hes off doing whatever.

I don't go around "advertising" his stuff. I'm not mad you're slamming them either, I totally get why you don't like them with your response to me, but when you make such a general comment to begin with, it's kinda hard not having to explain this and that. :confused:

Them fucking it up, and over thinking measurements is their fault, especially when pictures on how to measure your self, and a recommendation is given. Hell, they get as specific as telling you to measure around your nipples and rib cage, that's pretty specific! If you can't feel or see where to place your measuring tape with that kinda information given, you kinda deserve to fuck shit up.

"90% TOJ's look like shit" That's subjective. I will say I personally think 90% of the overall outfits look like shit, and does the jackets no justice. Leather jacket+ white sneakers just isn't my taste, especially high tops. You a power ranger son? MY OPINION! Don't get mad anyone else reading this. Then again, the same can be said about any piece of clothing poorly put together with things that shouldn't go with it. 

edit: You have you're opinions and gave reasons, I respect that. We no longer have to talk about this.

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you dudes are getting baited so hard

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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

This is the most insane leap in reasoning I've ever read.

Not really. There's something to be said for sticking to the vision of the designer. That's why they're a creative director in the first place.

I admit that SF may represent the 1% of fashionistas so this may not hold as true in the comfy confines of thr forum.

On a related point when I see the MTM guys on MW posting their suits I'm mostly shuddering in horror at the garish patterns, too-large shoulders, and billowy pant legs but if someone posts the rare tailored Jil or Dior suit I'm usually impressed.
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But but authenticity.......
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Was looking through Zara's website last night...





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Your point makes no sense. Toj is just using classic biker silhouettes for their designs. Moreover, there are a lot of other makers that do custom jackets just google it.
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lol@peeps critiquing shit they've never owned
Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

note: I don't believe in stretching clothes, they have to fit nicely when I buy them.
with most clothes I agree but with leather and wool I always have to take the stretch factor into consideration especially with my broad shoulders (ymmv)
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Originally Posted by einstine View Post

Was looking through Zara's website last night...





Are people on here going to defend zara pleather knockoffs now? 



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Let's not forget Dsquared now:


Although it actually looks kinda baller

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Dsquared, in general, is very good quality-wise. I have a coat that I have been wearing for several seasons now - still looks like new.

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that dsquared doesn't look anything like the SLP, they are both double riders that's about it
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I had a dsquared moto prior to sf enlightenment, iirc it was decent stuff but not worth retail
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While the Viparo one sure isn't as good as SLP or TOJ, I think you can't say it's "ugly" or "crap"..
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

There's stuff out there that is far worse imo
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I might post some pictures of the Viparo later. It's obviously not comparable with any of the top leather jackets out there, but it's undoubtedly better than the likes of Zara etc.

I currently have three Viparo's and I'm happy with each one of them. They're great jackets for the price point and they've had quite a few nice designs in the past.
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