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Same way Sruli's stuff is sold (or so I hear): store doesn't pay in full until the item is bought.
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Originally Posted by Krish the Fish View Post

How does a store justify a buy that involves a $54k jacket?

by selling them to people who want to pay $54k for a jacket
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You know who will buy them?

The alligators' mom. Willing to pay whatever it takes to see her kids one more time.

ssense will start getting orders from customers with the username "fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffgfggfffddffd" and the address "dfjfjjjfdssjfsjfsfljdsfjldsdjfl" and they will know it's her.
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wow, just wow. those look amazing. Crazy prices and crazy item, but shit, even just going for it in terms of design and production is ballsy or is it a total troll move as someone mentioned. Like just imagine siting there and thinking, hmmm, what if I did it in alligator? It'd be expensive, but I know some rich young kid out there will go for it. Hell, let's do it! And of course the fact that they sell just goes to prove there are lots of people out there with lots of money.
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We don't really need those jackets to prove that there are people with money to blow. Aren't there dudes over on the Other Side with $1m+ watch collections?
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Curious about the 'game alligator' description and what that means. Is it population control in the US/elsewhere? Good if so, since most luxe brands like to tie them up and shit so they don't scratch their scales.

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he's had mink lined men's leathers for years, sometimes approaching 75k.
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Yeah, I recall a seeing a few pics of a sable fur jacket going for 140k a few years ago.

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Only $54k? Bargain compared to Burberry's £79k ($126k) gator trench. 

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the jacket may say ooh I'ma gonna make you so sexy, but the models face says go ahead, I dare you to click add to cart
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"Mom says I have to model for your webstore so let's get this over with quickly"

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hehe, yeah that's pn/p's answer to the oki-ni guy
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I posted this in recent purchases as well, but here's my latest acquisition leather-wise. Beyond excited.



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nice! where from?
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