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Leather Jackets: Post Pictures of the Best You've Seen/Owned? - Page 574

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This is my hammered lamb stooges

My favorite leather, but I just moved to a warmer place and not sure if I can keep it.
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Do the Geo and the high neck Intarsia have the same sized collar? Geo collar looks so huge on photos in contrast to Intarsia.
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Geos collar is bigger and wider overall, it is the way it is cut I guess. The intarsia kind of hugs the neck if zipped all the way up.

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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Lanvin has their own biker with a shearling collar.

McQs full shearling is pretty nice this season.


Really like all of these, especially the mcq

They're all a bit on the tame side though..
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Any thoughts on this Ann D moto?  I think it might be an Angelina.  If I'm a shorter guy, are the sleeves going to hang down to my knuckles on this thing?

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kind of a femme perfecto
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kop here

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Purchased this RO blistered neoprene (FW09 oversized hooded bomber) recently. Jacket is insane. 



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nice. where'd you find it? really want some neoblister jackets to pop up in a L or XL 

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Does someone know the exact season in which RO started to tag the leathers in Italian sizing (46,48 etc.) instead of international sizing (S, M etc.). SS2010 was still international, How about FW10?
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FW10 used international, too. I have a high neck intarsia from that season. Maybe SS12? I had a leather from that season and it used italian sizing.

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Never seen this before, photo blue Bauhaus.
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Since we are kinda sorta on the subject of Rick sizing...
I recently got this RO low collar blistered Intarsia. Rick sizing is always wonky for me...I gambled and got an XL. What do you think of the fit? It feels right, but the sleeve stacking kinda bugs me. Keep or throw it on the Marketplace?

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looks pretty good to me, i don't think the sleeves are a problem. overall the fit seems a little slouchy but that's not necessarily a bad thing; you could probably layer underneath. i don't think your shoulders would fit into an L anyway. i say keep

edit: hmm, if its gonna stretch out a lot then maybe not..
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