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does anyone know where can i get something similar like this ?



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Jean Shop has similar washed leather shirts .. but none that have the epaulets.
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That's a little pricey or me, but thanks. i'm willing to pay for around 500


i found that allsaints carry the same design but a while ago and it's call mcaky leather jacket something.

the most similar that i found now is the Shift Leather Bomber Jacket, 




but does anyone have any idea about their leather? i'll make a trip to a store to check it out, but i need someone has experience.

I also found out they do have some very big sale, does anyone know usually when?


the jacket look great, not sure how in person yet


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Compared to everything else in this thread: not very good.
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^ whats up with your kop progress sig? i dont see any underwear or socks
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i look in this theard, and it's not very much my style, some are too old, or too much details. i like something simple and function, i don't really care about the brand either, as long as it's well made, so if anyone know where to find something similar please help!

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$500 is a cheap leather jacket dawg
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So this just arrived from Forward: RO Bauhaus Lamb. I wish to defer to the hivemind with regards to sizing, fit, and overall should I keep? 

This is a sz48, which looks like it fits in the shoulders but (as is usually the case for me) is tight in the chest. 

Also, is there a difference in quality between the jackets made in Moldova vs. Italy? 



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Fully zipped:





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It looks like it might be tight in the waist (or you might be shorter than it was designed for, which amounts to the same thing).  Chest and shoulders look good.

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Doesn't look terribly flattering, how does it look open?
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Edit: added better unzipped fit.

Would it be better if I sized up? Does the waist stretch with wear?

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Those photos are quite awkward and it is making the fit look funkier than it is.

The jacket fits fine although the arms are a bit long even for RO.

the Bauhaus is a great jacket, maybe Ricks best, but it takes a while to figure it out how to wear it and which way the flaps should flop, etc.

I would lean towards keeping it, but you may want to take better pics and come back for further input.
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Stooges with lamb fur collar and nylon sleeves.

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Guys I need a new Rick. What do you think?

FW 08 washed lamb geo high neck:

High Neck Intarsia SS11 calf

First photo is def. better so don't let yourself get fooled by the image quality / lighting... I'm not sure about which is cooler. Liking both
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