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Someone (Kunk?) mentioned that they had handled these and they felt pretty flimsy.
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remember this guy? just came across it on tumblr. rick fall 2010. doesn't look super wearable, like the skin might fold in less than attractive ways as you move about (some of that looks like it's happening in the midsection), but it makes for a great picture. really liked that collection, actually.

noticed julius on ssense too. makes sense to me since it looks so much like rick anyway, and they already carry rick.
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^its like a giant arsed turtle

All he needs is some green makeup and one of these:


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hah. to be worn with this backpack (comes with mask too)

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have you guys ever seen a turtle before?

Collateral Concepts – 4th Iteration

Horween Horsehide "Movement" Jacket

The body is constructed of a front, side and back panels that allow contouring through the sides for an anatomic fit even better than before. The front curving seam has a fully lined and hand-sewn reinforced edge pocket.

The collar is a curving deeper jut neck that can be worn fully zipped or lapels splayed out.

The sleeve seam arcs down the front and then towards the blade of the hand. The same seam continues through the front shoulder and then curves around the neck to meet the mirror image on the other arm at the center neck in a perfect +. The front panel's neckline curves up and around the back of the neck to help form the collar. The lines follow a continuous line of motion from one arm to the other.

The hem is also curved and is slightly lower in front and then curves around the hips and up at the base of the spine.

The inner lining is 100% organic cotton and forms the side curving pockets with seams that flow into the panel seams and then the double chest pockets similar to what was done on the 3rd iteration leathers.

I have also designed in two matching inner side pockets that can hold more precious items and are inset so far as to be difficult for pickpocketers to reach.

The hide is a medium weight and so is a trans-seasonal leather that has an incredible handfeel and structure that gives it a form even when not being worn. The Horween horsehide has incredible graining and textures that not only look incredible but will age beautifully over time. As is with each hide, no two jackets are alike.

All the seams of the leather have been painstakingly sewn and then hand glued flat on the inside an inch at a time so that every seam lays completely flat and smooth.

As with all my work, each jacket is constructed by me personally from beginning to end.

Source: http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17106
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^ love the color on that jacket

Recent purchase from b&s. 5 zip in olive gray from S/S 2010. Lucky to have found it in a 54

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that looks pretty dope, i'm assuming over 2k?


talking about brad-t's post

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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

have you guys ever seen a turtle before?

my initial reaction to the turtle comment was this: "has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken?"
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No idea about price, but it seems like it should be expensive.
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that collateral concepts one is quite possible the coolest leather jacket I've ever seen drool.gif

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Collateral puts out some legit shit.
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Collateral does nice work. The guy is a surgeon, literally, so he knows the human form pretty well. smile.gif
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30% deposit. Construction takes 2-4 weeks and the balance due once completed. Shipping not included to the price.
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Price isn't bad at all and it is made to order. What country is it shipping from?
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holy shit the leather jacket is just 1800? Damn i thought it would be at least 3K something
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