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Oh hey the one I actually was lucky enough to return.


Nice to see you love it homie.


Leather feels solid ay, like it could stop a bullet

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Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 View Post

can't speak about the quality of earlier versions, but i have the one pictured above and as DLester says the leather is very nice: thick supple calf that will definitely wear well. not cheap at retail but this seemed to be the best iteration i was likely to find.
depends on the year. The leather on black one last page and the red one looks fine. I've handled this summer's White 5 zip and last winter's distressed black 5 zip. Have to say, the leather quality is not good.
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Quality on my white 5zip is pretty nice, it actually looks similar to arts with hos stiff it looks, it also billows out in the chest area like his because it still stiff.

I also tried on the 5zip that is at Barneys stores now, the one that feels like washed lamb and I find the quality to be nice as well. I found it pretty heavy for what it is, I liked it. If i had a room for another black leather, i'd seriously consider it because the fit was so good, it drapes much better than the calf I have now.

Is it worth the $3k retail price? Probably not but there really aren't many clothes out there worth the retail price anyways.
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Is the white one horse too? It's not a super flattering material right out of the box but I think it will look good broken in.
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that looks great on you art. it seems the sizing varies quite a lot from season to season because i'm a fair bit bigger than you and mine (FW13) is also a 46
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Where did you get it from art?
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The white 5zip is calf but it looks just about as stiff as yours. I can kind of tell where it kind of what to stay the shape it was folded in when shipped while the jacket is worn unzipped. Not sure if it's just the angle or the pic but it looks like the lower chest area kind of sticks out. It will likely take some wearing to get it to mold your body and drape better.
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Damn Art, you're one sexy biatch.

That jacket's pretty sweet, nice pickup.
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robinsongreen, the 46 he has on I measured it and has a sts of exactly 47.5, (I measured the whole thing to compare to other 5 zips) pretty much around your typical sts for the recent ones.

Yoox wzjradam.

RFX45, yea it does stick out like a pelicans chest with it zipped, that's because of the waist suppression and the jacket being so rigid. Also...forgive me if I am wrong, but this seasons 5zip isn't 3k....unless you buy from ssense, who jack up prices like no tomorrow.
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Barneys has this seasons at $2875 and with tax that's about $3k.,default,pd.html?cgid=men&index=0

Actually, mine doesn't stick out in the chest when zipped, only when unzipped.
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^hmm interesting on the price....I rmb seeing it somewhere for like 1200pounds. that's like...2.2k aud? not sure on conversions, can't rmb where either

If I come across it again I'll post it here.

The jacket doesnt angle out maybe because you have more room in the chest?, or just not as snug. When I tried on ol burgundy up there it pitched out at an angle, it's a nice look though.

If you try have it halfway zipped it may pitch out, try that RFX
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Oki-Nis version is only $2k(USD) and I think that is before VAT off (not sure though). Not sure if it's exactly the same leather though.

I like how mine fits zipped and not really looking for it to pitch out or protrude so it's cool. Just got to beat it up and get dirty a bit.
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Oh yea that's the one! oki-ni.

Yea for all white it's hard tbh, you either want it all dirtied up, or squeaky clean, anything in between just isnt sweet.

Sleep in it, go for marathon runs in it, roll in the mud, have a fight in it, spill food on it, get totally poo faced on a night out wearing it, cut lines on it, use it as a picnic blanket, let your dog chew on it, use it as a door mat, hey presto! xD
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Visvim. I will absolutely find a way to make this heartbreaker mine.
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looks like bane's jacket
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