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 If you wash your jacket it will get slimmer but be careful not to destroy it. I've seen a thread dealing with this subject either on this forum or stylezeitgeist. It gives you step-by-step instruction on how to wash your jacket. Note though, that not only the jacket will shrink but the material itself will alter - it's gonna become more wrinkled and distressed. Another option would be to take your jacket to a good tailor and see what he can offer you in terms of altering your jacket.

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idk folks, its tempting but i wouldnt mess with washing leather jackets, scary outcomes!
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^ I hope the seller requests "cash only". 

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i've dry cleaned 2 leather jackets (one of them being the blistered intarsia) and washed a leather sleeved varsity. all had minimum to zero shrinkage (virtually no difference felt when worn). the only thing that changed was the texture and feel of the leather it self. dryed out and literally squeaky clean.
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Anything to be aware of buying RO from Gilt?

Pearl distressed lamb, yay or nay?
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Thought you were passing? lol8[1].gif
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Oddly enough Gilt had the 30% coupon again. I guess they really want me to buy something.

No loss in trying it out. Last RO I tried was a 48 and it was fairly slim. Same model I believe but in distressed black lamb..

If the fit is nice I just hope it is not some second tier RO redface.gif

The only thing is that white leather may not be the best choice as a first leather hehe
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Unless you really like the color I'd pass. For a thou it's not a great deal that you can flip easily later and the blistered leather is pretty disappointing irl.

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Worth a try. biggrin.gif
I can always return
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Is the 30% off like $30 max though? Because Gilt can be misleading like that.

And this is your first leather Toasty? A white blistered leather is not the most ideal first leather jacket but if you like it and it fits, why not?

While it is a Russian Roulette when it comes to RO sizing, most fit really slim and it is usually just a size discrepancy. That looks like a Mollino though, which I would say is cut less slim than Intarsia but also depends on the season.

Worth a shot though as you said so good luck!
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$75 off max...should have expedited fwiw lol
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