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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post


altho hmm if with wear the red starts to peak through, thatd be pretty badass
Wont happen, I didnt use black polish but a professional dye solution (teinture française by Saphir).

My pics are reaaaally terrible. Will try to take better ones by daylight (it's night time here, had to use flash).
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im just sad that the red 5 zip is no more
seems cruel :'(

much prefer the red to the black.
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Ha ! I have nothing against red, I just didnt like that particular red (which was more a soft burgundy). Also the treatment was too bland for my taste.

Blood red would have been nice though.
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Johan, why did you decide to darken the red jacket as opposed to a different color? Iirc, the red jacket was $1k+. If the purpose was to dye it, wouldn't another, cheaper jacket have worked and been cheaper?
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Looks bad imo. The YKK zippers have 100% polyester taping which is colorfast for almost all intents and purposes, and must be dyed in a vat over heat on their own, before manufacture. This differs from other zipper brands like Riri. One is not better than the other, but yeah, that zipper taping on the red MMM is always going to be red tape peeking out from a black jacket, which I think looks bad.
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I personally think it looks good Johan, but the black just seems so "common" for this jacket.


But still you got balls! and nicely done


Weird though, why does your one look so boxy? my one tapers in like how all the new 5 zips should.

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lol what a mistake
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I think the jacket looks nice, especially the zippers. 5 zips don´t have shoulder gussets, right?
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the dye job was good, but the zippers would've looked much better on the original jacket - the red/purple zipper taping throws off the contrast in a bad way..

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Maybe a sharpie could fix it
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Ouch! I think the original color was much better.

That being said? What is up with MMM using cheap zippers?
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They're not cheap. -_- I defer to styleforum's zipper experts, though....
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Zips on that mmm jacket are pretty nice
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Thinking of getting an a-2, before anybody shouts TOJ I already decided against it. I don't like how they fit on people.

N.Hoolywood. This is in calf which would age very nicely. Similar details to that of most historical a-2s, very similar to elmendorf etc. Probably built like a tank. Only thing I'm concerned about is the cropped body and the patch pockets. If the pockets were flush to the body it would be perfect. Also unsure about sizing.


Wtaps. This comes in lamb which looks pretty fragile. True to most replica a-2s but with a twist in fit that is more modern and that would be a little easier imho to pull off (not cropped). Build quality seems okay, but again the leather looks much thinner so it's hard to tell. A little indifferent about the contrasting ribbing, but I love the fact that it changes ribbing gauge for better arm stacking.

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sorry, neither of those really comes close to the toj a2
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