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Leather Jackets: Post Pictures of the Best You've Seen/Owned? - Page 485

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That rick is a Luisaviaroma pic from FW06 I think
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Jackets 2 and 3. The other ones were too over zippered for me

Liked this anne

The leather itself seems really frail though. Design is cool.
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Those Balmian jackets are meth!
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Who usually carries Balmain? I like some of the other F/W '13 collection
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LVR, ssense, vértice, mr porter... Luisa has the biggest selection usually
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Thanks again so much people for the feedback and great help.


I decided to keep only the Rick as much as I LOVE the 5 zip, I am really more of a muted person.


I also think I may have pushed my return policy with yoox due to my damned indecisiveness, so if anyone is interested in the mmm do tell, but shipping costs maybe pricey as it's heavy as fk due to the leather....unless you live in Australia just come to mine to pickup!.


I also noticed everyone has just gone nuts on buying the jacket from yoox, only 1 size of 48, and 50 left lol.


I have the size 46 as well if your were wondering

(I may not post up a FS classified as I am just saving it first to pms on those who are interested already)

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Like this:

Seems like the non-black or or brown color makes it easier to avoid the wall of leather. Don't like how visible the puffy down lining is though.
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Augusta wrinkled tall collar jacket.

What's with the cut at the back though? Looks like it got bunched up when it was washed or something. Seems a bit much to overlook on a $4700 jacket..
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$4700 hahahahaha

derivation should cost less
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is that for real?  

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Yep, already sold out at H Lorenzo.. (they probably only had 1 or 2 though)
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pretty cool
hood seems too small to be useful so itd be better without it (im not opposed to hooded leathers)
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So I bought a red 5 zip from Yoox and some Saphir black dye solution.

First I scoured the surface with a leather-only cleaner (which gave me terrible headaches).

The first coat of dye resulted in a awful uneven purple color. I was like "oh man, what have i done".
But after the second coating, the color was more of a dark brown with burgundy hues. I liked the result and decided to keep it that way. A third coating would have resulted in a plain black color, but I dont wear much black.

Then I applied Saphir leather care cream with a horsehair brush for a nice finish. Pretty happy with the final result. smile.gif

(excuse the terrible pics, my camera sucks)

During the dyeing and glazing part I could see the hide drinking the products. That thing was craving for a treatment !
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altho hmm if with wear the red starts to peak through, thatd be pretty badass
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Wow awesome

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