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Originally Posted by LooseChange View Post
Wow, all of these are crazy expensive. Any good ones in the lower end of the scale?

Your best chance of affordable leather jackets is either stuff like H&M/Zara or vintage.

Quality leather Jackets, like dress shoes, start at a high price and get exponentially better/more stylish as you get higher in price.
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after watching flight of the conchords this past weekend and loving jemaine's leather jackets, i've been hunting through ebay and goodwill for a good one...alas, nothing thus far. but i do have a schott perfecto and schott café racer that i will post up on here after work today
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Originally Posted by Nil View Post

Lee Riders Jacket. Apparently it was a Japan only release.

I need this in my life but I fear it will be impossible to find especially one in my size.

Looks like the Rocketeer's jacket.
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^ Those Lees remind me of steampunk.
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I've a vintage-looking Diesel motorcycle jacket that makes people stop on the street to ask where I got it. I bought when I was absolutely broke but I absolutely had to have it. I'll take more detailed pics if requested, but here is a pic and a couple more at flickr:

The breast pockets and cuffs are zipped as are the double vents in the back. So hot.
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Originally Posted by insOma View Post
I just bought a jacket from the Aero Leather Company and its definitely the nicest leather jacket I've ever seen. Handmade to my measurements, made of front quarter horsehide, custom worsted wool lining and extra pockets. . . this jacket is amazing and I think Aero might make the finest leather ever.

Well, that's the confirmation I needed. The Aero jackets look absolutely fantastic

Congratulations on your purchase. You'll need a stock answer to the many enquiring questions & compliments you'll receive. Very nice indeed.

I know that I want the 'Veste de Rallye' model in cordovan colour. I'm a 6'2" bloke and take 48L in suits (too much time spent at the gym) with 37 inch arm measurement. In other words, even with 48L I usually have to lengthen the sleeves by about 1/2 - 3/4 inch. Does anyone know if 50 inch sounds about right?

I wish there was a shop in which I could try one on first (Scotland is simply too far).

For the lining (UK climate), I'm still undecided between the brown alpaca or brown cotton drill cloth. Does the wool really make it unbearably hot outside of winter?

I'm also looking forward to being able to 'hang' it on the floor and save on closet space.

I'm going to make this happen folks
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The first one (Aero) is the only one that I like shown. I have the same one made by vanson in HH, but it is too heavy for much use, maybe the aero is a bit lighter? Great moto jacket for sure.
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Sorry about the bad cell phone pics... Anyone remember these? I've had this jacket for about 25 years and I don't think I've ever worn it (probably a good thing)... Anyone have an Indian Headress I can borrow? Current Schott leather motorcycle jacket (with matching leather pants) complete with dead bugs and bird shit... I get compliments on it all of the time (well, when it's clean)... This jacket has seen about 12,000 miles (2 years) and it's just really starting to break in. Actual Pic of jacket from Schott...
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I just got this Belstaff Brad a couple of days ago. It's immense
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OK folks

I've just placed my Aero Leather Clothing order:

'Veste de Rallye' Jacket
* Size 48" with 1 inch added to body and arms

* Front Quarter Heavy Horsehide' (FQHH)

* Cordovan Colour

* Brown Cotton Drill Cloth Lining.

* Two internal chest pockets. Left one is zip, right one is stud

I dithered over the alpaca or cotton lining. After reading the posts here I went with the latter. I want to be able to wear this baby, for as many months in the year as possible.

I just know that this jacket is going to be amazing!

Let the waiting begin
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do any of the higher end leather companies do "fittings" ? or is it just sending in your measurements?
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^^ Vanson dealers will take measurements for custom jackets. I have a custom Vanson Comet and my measurements were performed by the dealer, Trick Tape in Bristol PA (in person).
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Found 2 great links for anyone wanting to do a bit of research on Aero Leather Clothing products: Has MANY pictures of most of the products. Lots of close-up shots as well. and Click on the Outerwear link on the homepage. Lots of posts regarding Aero to keep you busy for a couple of hours. Very positive feedback indeed. I found them VERY useful in helping me decide on various aspects that aren't made clear on the Aero site itself. The first link contains pictures of linings that aren't even mentioned at Aero. Oops! Seems that BOTH of the sites are down! That is a very unusual coincidence. They were OK earlier on today (Sunday August 17th). No idea why, sorry.
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gawkrodger - I love the Brad.
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Originally Posted by gawkrodger View Post
I just got this Belstaff Brad a couple of days ago. It's immense

I have this jacket in both Antinque black and black brown. It rocks almost everywhere.
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