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DRs are relatively aggressive, but if you wear it with a tee and jeans, it will be fine. I'm going to guess you're going to get a TOJ. Honestly, I think the collared moto is nicer than the DR, and it's easier to pair
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I am looking for something more aggressive, in a sense to be the center piece of the outfit.

I was thinking about the QDR because I love the extra detail of the sleeve and shoulder.
But there is one in the B&S at the moment I am interested in picking up redface.gif

I would probably pair it shirts more so tees... shirt+knit and a leather.
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I've always wanted a red double rider for an aggressive as shit look for clubbing and what not. Aeglus pulled it off great.
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i wish mine was in red

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DRs are pretty versatile. I wore my RO Stooges during this past fall/winter a lot more than expected, even though most here feels it's too small. My other RO jackets have been neglected because of the stooges.
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same, double riders are really the best, my high collar still was 1st place wear wise, but the stooges did start becoming one of my most worn with the berger as well. I originally thought it was too boring, but thats cuz the first stooges I owned was just boring, and the current one I have is sick.
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I don't know if I could kop a RO at full price though.
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I really fucking regret not getting the blistered lamb stooges when it was on yoox for $900 facepalm.gif

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DR is one of the most versatile leathers for me. The collar means it looks equally good with a dress shirt as a t-shirt. You can dress it up or down, and it's not gonna look like an aggressive biker jacket unless you style it that way.
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raf simons fw03



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No mickey mouse ears = no good for me
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Originally Posted by spacetaekwon View Post

raf simons fw03

Whoa, do want. Prolly impossible to find
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^ the graphic from Unknown Pleasures on the back?? Wow... never saw that... interesting.
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This is the best Jacket/fit i've seen.


So tempted to get my friend to buy it for me from japan, but these things never fit me right so i'm scared without getting to try it on. I'm actually almost exactly that models height/weight 168cm/59kg but gym has made my shoulders/chest out of standard.
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For those with an Incarnation, did any of you place a custom order? I'm about to and was wondering on the turnaround time. I heard it's surprisingly short, given the industry standard.
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