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so if you make food at home you should never go out to eat?
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Originally Posted by malakas View Post

black jutneck and brown intarsia are now dried after washing them

they look a lot better as they are now more matte looking than before and they both drape better

Fit pics?
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Originally Posted by Kill the DJ View Post

Impolyt is correct. And if you'd like to test your theory, I'll link you to the sz 44 black auction in which I'm 40k yen over the start price and well above 100k yen and still haven't hit the minimum bid requirement. I wish I'd been looking when they were going for $700 in some bizarro world.

sigh.this isn't a debate im interested in having. i used to check yjp bi weekly, ive seen countless of the things come and go, including at least two nice vintage black ones. they did not go for significantly over 100,000 yen, and im not even positive they yet hit that mark. they just dont consistently go for anywhere near there when they hit in auction format starting at 0 yen with no reserve. what possible motivation would i have for duping you into thinking vintage 5 zips go for less than they do? i just told you, i purchased my vintage, deep brown one in size 48 in excellent condition for slightly over 700 after fees. at the time i thought it was good deal, but nothing insane, because id watched vintage 5 zips in excellent condition go in that price range for like a year.

homie, do you even care about getting a vintage one? drew is talking about a very specific version of this jacket that came out years ago... there are countless shades of browns, tans, greys, even some nice colored versions that have come out over the years, some of which suck, but others are very nice, and even he will tell you that good condition used versions of those dont even sniff the prices being thrown about here. most of those black ones sitting at like 180k yen right now are brand new or newish, from '09 or '10 or '11, they dont even speak to this discussion. can't you find new ones discounted on ebay and yoox from time to time? what did jd may sell his fw09 brown suede one for? i know it was under a thousand.
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AR6 sold that brown one for like 7 bills I think, it wasn't a very good representation of the model though, IMO.

There are some newer non-black ones for 'cheaper' on yahoo - I saw a cool grey one I'd probably cop if i were in Japan right now, but it was still 10 man yen -you gotta remember man, that 100,000Y is nearing $1500USD after exchange/a 10-15% proxy/EMS shipping.

That one I just posted up there is absolutely destroyed, it's beyond repair or restoration, it looks like bum, and they want 70 something thousand yen for it, that's nearing $1200 or more.

I still really don't believe that the 'cheap' ones exist man, and they are rarer nowadays than they were a few years ago. I'm thinking quite a few lurkers have been snapping them up over time.
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^ drew, please make a 5 zip model. (1)
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You look like an idiot starting a wall of text saying you don't want to debate me.

But I'm obviously needlessly being a dick. To clarify, Impolyt and I both specified in multiple posts that we were talking about black leather size 44. Hell in the post that started this I said explicitly I wasn't looking at other colors or sizes. At this time there are no 44's in black leather starting at 0 yen, nor have I ever seen it. You can be the expert of sizes larger than 44 and I'll be the pseudo-intellectual about 44 black, then we can both walk away knowing we have no lives.
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its true, the exchange rate is even more fucked than when i was searching and im absolutely positive the margiela section of yjp has skyrocketed in terms of activity over the past two years or so. i still think there are deals to be had though... just like on ebay buy it now listigns are usually (not always) not a very good representation of the items market value... all the "deals" that im talking about came on listings which started at 0 yen with no reserve, which, after sorting the jackets section by number of bids, there doesn't appear to be a single one listed right now. too bad, would be interesting to see where it ended up.
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Originally Posted by Dbear View Post

^ drew, please make a 5 zip model. (1)

There are actually a lot of companies that make a fake 5-zip/5-zip inspired model that obviously lifts more than liberally from the original and then tries to do something to make it 'different' - but I don't want to make a TOJ 5-zip copy... that is like the same thing as posting nudes of your wife on an internet forum. I love my 5-zip, but it's something deep and special that only it and I know about..... what do y'all know about us?!? redface.gif
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Originally Posted by LiveStock View Post

so if you make food at home you should never go out to eat?

if i am a professional chef and i am starving i will probably cook something for myself rather than eat out every day of my life
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Wouldn't it be more akin eating at your own restaurant? It still costs you as much in terms of materials, time, and labor as it does when other people eat there, but you're footing the bill instead of getting the customers to cover expenses + whatever profit margin you pull in.
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let me know if you guys find a 52 MMM five zip in black. Yay for being large?
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I can't really make TOJ stuff for myself because the order log is always too long and would just make people wait that much longer, and also it's not really cheap to make a TOJ leather, even for myself redface.gif I am gonna get one of each someday, when I have the time and money...
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if you can't afford to buy your own jacket, you need to raise your prices i think

also i want to post my uncontrol rider in this thread drewwww
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drew, which one would you wear if it just magically appeared in front you?
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you gotta be kidding drew. Don't tell me you didn't keep that CWU or at least one of the bombers. you're pics of those have always been the pinnacle of that 'fit'.
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