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Originally Posted by Prudy View Post

^^ sounds like a made up problem, no? Does anyone ever buy a 'fashion' DR expecting to use it riding?

That's a nice-looking jacket, I agree.

Understand that Stu is both over the top with his rants and brilliant in his jacket construction. His website reads like satire, but it's all real. No, I don't think anyone believes that a lot of SLP jackets are being worn on bikes, but he needs a marketing foil... it's just part of his schtick.
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Originally Posted by HeavenResign View Post

I don't really have any interest in another DR but just looking at the Lost World's Speed Demon image it's definitely a beautiful jacket, I just kind of want to see some fit pics of it. It looks plenty trim despite the dude's rants about tight fitting jackets being bad, but I'm guessing his rants are mostly aimed at cheap leathers?

wow that website design
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yeah I see that from his website! smile.gif
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^that geocities design

I like these a lot too

Didn't Moo post once about them?
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I have only 1 leather jacket so far thus I have little knowledge on what is considered good and what's not. My current one is TOJ. I really like it and I can see clear difference when compared with cheap ones people wear. I'm looking to purchase another leather, possible a rider jacket. And I'm in a bit of a dilemma whether I should get BLK DNM 5 or TOJ DR which I will be required to wait a couple of months. I don't mind waiting since I will probably wear it during the winter, certainly not anytime soon. Does anyone have any experience with BLK DNM leather jackets and how are they  when compared with TOJ?

I would appreciate it if anyone can suggest me something else within the same price range (~1000 USD) but could be a bit more

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F/W 09 Julius jutneck that I still have.

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it looks skin tight and not really your aesthetic
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I have gained weight since the time I got it. I rarely wear it now but I still put it on when I want a lighter jacket.
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I do like the way the lamb is aging on this jacket, as shown in the bottom picture.
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I just picked up this Layer 0 Leather in Buffalo last week (From Layers London). Excuse the pics, they are from the store, too lazy to take my own.

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Glad to see people discussing more "dad" jacket brands. My grail jacket is actually Lost Worlds design. shog[1].gif

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which jacket is that?
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I've noticed a difference between this picture and their website. Their web site has what looks like a brown material strip on the outside of the front zips (which looks aweful), whereas this picture looks like either black material or not there.
Originally Posted by Trit View Post

I notice this season's 5-Zips have visibly stitched hems now. One of the details I loved about Margiela jackets was the super clean edges. It just sort of folds under and makes a real crisp line with no puckering. Anyone know how they do that? Is there like a bonded something in there sticking it together? Were they stiched in earlier seasons? Anyway, stitched hem is lame.

But I can't fault that model.

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today I was called to try the fit of my nearly completed jacket, there are still some parts need adjustment, the leather is old stock unfinished goat.

Took a picture of the inside too

would be covered with detachable/ washable lining:)

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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

which jacket is that?
It's their Trojan jacket, made with a limited stock of Finnish moosehide they had a while back. They've been sold out for a while now.
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