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^that is a nice-looking jacket, @sinnedk

i hope someone swooped it
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Visited medium rare here in HK, nice store. Picked up an incarnation. Probably my nicest leather jacket now.

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hey @nicelynice do you do any conditioning/oiling of your stooges? it looks great after all these years! I've noticed some fading (black to navy/green) near some creases on my hammered lamb. Wondering if that's unavoidable or if I should do something about it

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The greenish fading is unavoidable due to the dying method used on the jackets (my lambskin Julius jackets also had a similar issue) - mine has some around the cuffs and zipper contact areas, but it's barely noticeable when I wear it. I use Saphir delicate leather cream once or twice a year in spots that feel a bit ashy and it restores the color and cleans up the dryness quite well
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Guys how have you sized MA+ ? Campbell is telling me to tts but he always wants me to buy tops that are too small and pants that are too big.
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I have only tried on MA+ gear once, but I am your size and size 54 tops felt borderline. TTS would have been madness. @unbelragazzo has that sick petrol aviator in a 54 (I think), you could ask how it's stretched/aged.
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Size up at least one, and if you spend a lot of time lifting weights just forget about it altogether
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I am a size 48 and I went TTS with the MA+. I have widish shoulders and smaller waist. The jacket fits me perfectly on the shoulders, but is really tight on the waist. If would have sized up, the waist might have been better, but the shoulders would have been badly off. 


It really depends on your shoulders to waist proportion. The thing is, if the waist is too tight, you can pull up the lower zip to ease up the tightness and still look great, but you cannot do much about the shoulders.

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For me, MA+ is anything but TTS.  The sleeves are far longer than standard TTS, and the chest is narrower than TTS.  if I were going off the actual chest width, I would upsize.  Conversely, if I were going off the sleeve length, I would downsize.  Long story short, as much as I like certain of the MA+ designs, the sizing does not work for me.

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size up one for outerwear, sometimes two for tees, and usually tts for pants. measurements are always needed tho

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Don't buy MA+ unless you know are aware of the fit. I have a really hard time getting stuff to fit me the way I like it, other than pants, which tend to fit pretty TTS
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There you go, should be an easy decision now! :brick: 

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I wouldnt buy it just on the basis that campbell is a fuckwit
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Re: MA+, I have a size 54. Usually I buy size 52, but not always. In Valstar, for instance, I wear a 54. Size L in Inis Meain, but XL in slimmer fitting brands like Esemplare and Japanese stuff. In tailored jackets usually a 52.

The jacket has molded to me a bit over time...I've had it nearly a year now. But it remains a very slim fitting jacket. I do not have a very big drop, so it's kind of corset-like around the midsection.

I think the arms are meant to be long - like past your knuckles. If you want a jacket with sleeves that finish at the wrist, you don't want a different size, you want a different jacket.
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Yes, the sleeves on that jacket you have are definitely designed to cover the palm, as the opening is very wide (balloons out after the wrist measurement): I presume there is a conceit about wearing it when motorcycling so that it covers your knuckles and your hands don't get cold or some bullshit. You can unzip and fold them back if you want to
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Surprisingly, there is so merit to that.


I find sleeves that are long and cover your knuckles do keep you warmer vs. riding down your wrist.

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