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I agree with everyone who says stick with a 50 or buy another leather by another designer

RO is RO

I wish I had more RO
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kinda want a black blistered cap from him but that's bout it at this point
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lol i thought he didnt look that big and the fit was good.

This is what happens when i leave SF for too long. I adjust to fat people and jacked-steroid bro sizing
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I like how that fits, it's how I wear my stooges but I've also seen them worn more looser like nicely's and fuuma's, so sizing up isn't going to be too bad for him really. A 50 or 52 will work but any other sizes likely won't.
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RO Geo fw08? So sick.
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not totally sure if this is the right place to post this question (was debating on posting this in the "Should I or shouldn't I buy thread"), so please forgive me if it isn't, but since this thread has to do with leather jackets, i thought this would be better suited for it.


looking at getting a good quality and visually appealing leather jacket, and i have came down to these these two. however, i'm unsure which one is better, and would really appreciate your opinions on the matter.


Option #1 -

Option #2 -


Option #1 is made of thick cowhide leather, has YKK zippers for both the pockets and the front, and is made in the USA.

Option #2 is about $200 bucks more, made of supple lambskin leather, has a talon zipper, and has wool sleeves. am unsure where it is manufactured from.


would really appreciate your guys' opinions.

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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

How tall are you and how slim do the arms fit? I've been thinking about that guy in a Med.

Why didn't you go for a 118 instead if you wanted something shorter?

I'm 5'9" and admittedly I don't have a particularly long torso I need to get most of my button downs hemmed to wear untucked. I didn't get the 118 for a few reasons the first being it doesn't taper at all in the waist. I don't have a huge drop, 35" chest to 29.5" waist but it would be noticeable in the jacket. The underarm footbAlls are another thing I didn't want and the sleeves from what I've heard are a lot bigger than the 626. Also the waxy cowhide is a lot lighter than the steer hide used on the 118 and their other motorcycle jackets, and the lining is thinner than their insulated quilted lining. The 626 is a little over six pounds and I want to be able to wear it in the 40s and 50s without breaking a sweat.

The arms are pretty slim although I think they could lose .5" in the bicep. But overall there's less room for the bicep than you would think looking at the jacket since the leather used compared to most fashion brands is quite thick/stiff though I haven't handled a toj calf and don't know the thickness they use.

Also the reason why I got the 626 is I've seen shortened versions and I think they look great and I was and am still pretty optimistic about the current length, I just wish they offered the jacket 2" shorter in this exact cut. The 626 is schott's slimmest fitting jacket. They do have cuts like the 519 and the per2 but looking at the measurement jerri from schott gave me i would need to size down for a decent fit and schott doesn't make an xxs in those jackets. The 118 straight up is not a slim cut it is considered one of their riding jackets and is labeled as being a fuller cut in the body. I didn't even entertain the option of getting a 118 tbh

Here's another fit of the 626 where I think the length is okay but I'm open to suggestions

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Originally Posted by onitaps View Post

RO Geo fw08? So sick.

i own this and it is maybe the greatest rick of all. got it for $575 on ebay
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Man.... you guys are making me want to buy a Rick Owens jacket!


Hope this won't stir up a hornet's nest, but how does Julius compare to Rick Owens? Doesn't seem like there's many Rick Owens available compared to used Julius leather jackets.

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rick owens makes a jacket, then julius copies it with worse zippers
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While julius isn't super all about quality and definitely doesn't use the most amazing leather versus similarish priced Japanese brands that more often use guidi or german vegetable tanned stuff (Attachment/Rip van Winkle/Backlash/Incarnation)...

Think their stuff is in general much better made and out of nicer materials than most of rick's stuff in the leather department. There are of course exceptions, but that's been my experience.

Zippers... well I know some people aesthetically/functionally dislike Julius zippers, but even if they are awful they can't be much more than marginally so versus Rick's zippers which receive their share of complaints. I don't have first hand experience with this, but folks on SZ periodically mention every few years they've gotten worse, break and need to be replaced.

Again, like most designers... you don't really buy Rick for quality. You buy it for the design. Now there are a few iterations every few seasons that are super thick and nice, but generally not every season. If you care about quality + rick then it's best to hone in the models that get a lot of "quality" hype and purchase those. See what the buzz is or find out first hand etc.
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julius is corny, derivative shit wouldn't care it was made from ccp's back, i'd never buy it.
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So it's not for you, but you are pretty clearly a Rick Owens fan boy so your stance isn't all that surprising. Does't mean it's not for everyone. And some people fixate more on the nebulous concept of "quality" than design.

Besides who knows... I think you used to hate on Paul Harnden too but now you've slightly converted so who knows if you will always feel that way about Julius. Taste change, so why draw lines in the ground that you may one day cross?

Then again you've railed against Julius consistently for years so probably not a good bet for me to take.
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while the riri/ykk zips on julius could be bigger/wider they do run pretty smooth for the most part
although my opinion may be a bit biased due to a personal preference for 2 way front zips vs one way front zips

and some julius leathers do have weird/corny styling but the same could be said of some rick leathers, and both have some nice ones as well
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