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On that note, should I lexol my Rick leather ever? It's still pretty soft.

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Be careful conditioning soft lamb, can make it a bit TOO soft. I use a tiny bit of Saphir delicate on my lamb Rick if it starts feeling dry or I get caught in the rain, just once or twice a year. It helps around the cuffs and zippers where there's a lot of abrasion. Kept it going for five years so far and looking great

Always test on a small, non visible part first. I had the sleeves cut down on my Rick so I've been experimenting on the leather scraps - pretty damn hard to damage the jacket
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agree with nn regarding lamb, a bit risky of overdone and can loosen the fibers too much making it prone to rips if overstretched, I always test on the gun holster part of my _7
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@Somatic IME Prorsum is generally nicer than YSL, and you like RFX said, you can probably get get one at a substantial discount.



Bikkembergs leather poncho

★ DIRK BIKKEMBERGS leather cloak poncho Bikkembergs ★ _ image 1 

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Originally Posted by Distorbiant View Post

lol come on sinnedk. It's not okay to get any leather wet. Naked cowhide can shrink like crazy for example. 

Lots of tiny cows running around after rain
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Originally Posted by Somatic View Post

Have some TOJ on order... will probably be at least another 40 weeks lol.

What are your thoughts on this YSL leather jacket and the Burberry Prosrum Double Rider? 
Which do you guys prefer? I'm leaning more towards to YSL, but I may just hold on to my cash for now. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Buttons and zipper pulls look huge in Burberry.
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Prorsum better
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Man, this decision has been keeping me up at night lol. The SLP is also on sale, but it'll still cost $1000 more than the Prorsum. Are most of you guys saying the Prorsum is better quality or you like the aesthetic better? 

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nvm misunderstood post lol.

SLP looks better tbh.





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The prorsum looks cropped, I'm suspecting the fit might be ultra slim which might be kinda lame. Why not check out the Vanson thread, same design for 1/4 the price
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I just handled that Prosusm at Barneys today, quality is on point. The leather is thick and supple, I personally think it is overall better to the SLP.
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I agree, better aesthetic and better bang for buck over slp
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You guys think those biggass snaps look good? :crazy:

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Trust me, the snaps on those SLPs are just about as big. I just came from Barneys and SLP store and checked all those leather, the only leather that is even on par with the Prorsum is the thick and stiff calfskin biker, the L17 iirc.
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yeah I think they just look bigger due to slimmer lapel/collar vs the slp

but tbh if the potential buyer is a slim dude prorsum is the ticket but if hes chunky then I'd go with something else
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