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Haven't heard of the fee on high value listings, but I guess I haven't sold anything extremely expensive on ebay. You can add a buy it now option to your listing for free. Ebay tells you to list your items low to start a bidding war, but it really depends on what you're selling. I usually place high starting prices on my items since I tend to sell more obscure things that a lot of people aren't looking for. When the right buyer comes along that knows what it is and what it's worth, I'll get my bid. Otherwise there's a chance that only one person or a couple people who don't really want the item will see it and the final bid will be low.

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Electric blue Cyclone jacket makes me go hnnnngnghgh
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WELL, that neck is higher than I thought it was

Most likely gonna be unloading this, cannot pull it off

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yea bit too wide
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that looks about as good as I've ever seen the geo look (xept maybe that one japanese store/blog photo). but yea, after I saw some pictures from the side of how high the collar is, I took geo off my list of wtb ricks. the only solution is to buy a full-zip gimp hoodie and super baggie pants and go full ninja

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It's suppose to be wide, it's not the intarsia, I think it looks good.

NN, I've always like how you pull off Rick more relaxed and this ones no different.
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Went to the grocery store bathroom to take some pics (I don't have a full length mirror heh), a bit better from this angle but the neck is still a bit unwieldy. I've tried on the FW08 one, I remember the neck being a bit shorter for some reason... Might try to make it work for a bit anyways

On a side note, I really wish Rick would start using better leather again - this is the heavy washed lamb/hammered lamb from Crust, so thick and supple compared to the stuff he's using today.


Also anyone seen this before? Sewn-in logo and no fabric makeup on the tags? Might be a sample, certainly not fake

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I can't even fully zip up my intarsia. That wide neck looks way more functional. 

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NN that rick looks really good, probably one of my favorite Rick fits posted. Neck does seem a little wide but not too wide
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The fw08 one does have a shorter collar.

It's wide cause it's a funnel neck unlike intarsia, and I think that's what makes the geo look unique. There aren't many fits with collar down but it looks good here. In any case, it fits you really well

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that is a good Geo fit. They are a bit funky and distinctive and that is just how it is.... you should keep it unless you are sure you aren't going to wear it.
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The neck gets in my way, unfortunately - wanted a casual jacket, something I could even pair with jeans. I regret selling both of my intarsias, but didn't want to get the same jacket after selling... learned my lesson here!
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whaaat i think thats a keeper NN

sure, neck up looks uncomfortable, but folded it looks great, and i bet half folder it would look good too, unzipped.
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