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Leather Jackets: Post Pictures of the Best You've Seen/Owned?

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I'm just curious what are the coolest leather jackets in existence. Any style, any season, doesn't matter. Show me?


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Tyler Durdens one. Cmon everyone who has seen that movie would have wanted one afterwards
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I just bought a jacket from the Aero Leather Company and its definitely the nicest leather jacket I've ever seen. Handmade to my measurements, made of front quarter horsehide, custom worsted wool lining and extra pockets. . . this jacket is amazing and I think Aero might make the finest leather ever.
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That's a great jacket. Which model is it? Also, how many measurements does Aero ask for?
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Its a "Highwayman." Aero needed maybe 4 measurements and nailed it.
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that truely is a fine jacket - mind telling me around how much it was?

I got a leather jacket made in thailand a few years back... ok quality, but wouldnt mind adding a pocket or two somewhere; anyone have any idea the easiest way to approach this? Also, given the fact I live in a generally bloody warm climate I haven't had a chance to wear it much and so it looks way too new. Any products (sadly needed) that I could use to make it appear more "broken in"? Or ways to speed up this process
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Aero recommends not doing anything to their jackets, just wear it and "don't baby it" and the rest takes care of itself. Horsehide is different than other leathers, though. I think generally when you try to artificially age something it ends up looking that way: artificial. You might be able to have some pockets added by a good tailor or by someone in a leather shop. You can get an idea of Aero's prices here
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I wish I lived somewhere colder :| maybe I'll just have to wear it everytime it rains and box in it haha

Those aren't bad prices at all considering how nice the jackets are. The website has some cool other vintage pieces as well that I saw
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I just came across a link to Aero's PictureTrail page. Lots of possibilities to look at.

I want an A-1, probably from Goodwear.
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yeah, that jacket posted above is the nicest looking leather I've ever seen.

edit: the details (zippers and gaudy gold chains) are sort of annoying though.
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Aero is about the finest leather jacket maker in the world, and there are a few other great ones: Lost Worlds, Gibson & Barnes, Vanson, Schott, US Wings, etc. Check out www.thefedoralounge.com and http://www.indygear.com/cow/viewforum.php?f=2 for more info specific to leather jackets...
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i have a real nice paul stuart leather bomber jacket ill post soon.
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I hate you guys. Now I have to buy one.
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Originally Posted by redmania View Post
I hate you guys. Now I have to buy one.

i dont know where you live, but if you live in a somewhat big city, all the thrift stores have tons of them for dirt cheap. i would look there first.
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What does one wear with the jacket. Does it go well with denim and shoes or I don't know. What do you wear it with I guess?
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