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I certainly wouldn't think it in poor taste or otherwise unacceptable for a member here to reference another thread on AA. Like j., I just don't have the time to follow two boards (I have trouble finding the time for one.) and would certainly appreciate not missing out on good and helpful commentary.
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If you are suggesting some type of merger (although I am fairly certain you are not)
No way. I had not intention of that whatsoever. J Thanks for the straight-up, detailed (2) answers. Do you think you could put them somewhere for easy reference such as your Best Posts page? Thanks again. Alex
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This post made me go and take another look at the AskAndy forum and I must say, I much prefer our little group. Not to say anything bad about Andy's site, but I do not find it as easy to navigate and even via a cable modem, it seems to be much slower than here. Additionally, despite not being the most stylish person on this forum, I think my own personal look has evolved beyond the "American Trad, J. Press, Brooks Brothers - Official Preppy Handbook" look that seems to be all the rage at Andy's place. I will admit that I attempted to emulate some of that look in my earlier days, but I think I have been much more influenced by other styles, including western wear, Hollywood, Italian designers, etc. All in all - to get back to the original point of this thread, if you want to post something from Andy to this site and vice-versa, that's fine with me because I probably won't see it if it's just on Andy's. Bradford
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